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<nettime> Program of Hacking In Progress (HIP)

The Program of Hacking In Progress 
August 8 - 10, 1997
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                         Friday, August 8th 1997
   Time     The Circus                         The Workshop
   UTC+2    1000 seat auditorium tent          100 seat workshop
   10:00    Opening words
            by Emmanuel Goldstein
   11:00    Local opening ceremony
            Build your own DES cracker
   12:00    The Chaos Computer Club invites
            everyone to participate in their
            DES cracking project.
            An overview of the world of SPAM
   13:00    and counterspam, with lots of
            room to share personal
            experiences concerning the fight
            against SPAM.
            World Wide Conferencing Network
            The IRC II protocol has reached       Build your own
            it's practical limits, every          DEScracker
            time more people use IRC, the         The Workshop
            IRC network has to split into
   14:00    more small networks. In the past
            three years, a replacement
            protocol has been developed,
            especially targetted at being
            deployed at a very large scale.
            Gerrit Hiddink will introduce
            this protocol.
            Virtual Communities
            In 1993, during the HEU, Alfred
            Heitink was one of the people      't Klaphek
            discussing the concept of a        Bastiaan Bakker a 
            virtual community. People were     Jeroen van Eesteren
  15:00     exchanging idea's about            of 't Klaphek will
            metaphors, communication           talk about the
            concepts and were full of good     history and future of
            idea's. Now, 4 years later, he     this dutch hackers
            thinks it is time to discuss       magazine.
            what the last 4 years have shown
            The net and political
            The net is a powerful political
            medium and as such a subject of
            political struggle. The internet
            is a very good medium for
            campaigning, actions and protest
            voices. was created
            to stimulate these voices. It's
            an organisation and workspace
            for contra-information, and        Smartcards
            contra-expertise, on the           Lots of smartcard
            Internet - from a                  enthousiasts meet at
            radical-critical perspective.      The Worshop to
                                               discuss new
               * History of       developments and hook
   16:00         (Eveline Lubbers)             up with others. There
                 Scientology, Van Traa on      will be a separate
                 line                          smartcard lab
               * Internetworking at            somewhere at HIP, and
                 alternative gatherings        work as well as
                 (Rolf Kleef)                  educational sessions
                 Greenhouse Gathering,         may continue there.
                 Kolumna, Eurostop-technisch   ----------------------
               * Alternative media during
                 events (Gerbrand              PIC chip programming
                 Oudenaarden)                  Adam Page is bringing
                 Eurostop-site during the      a PIC programmer and
                 Eurotop: news and the use     some circuit boards
                 of real-audio and             and would like to
                 real-video                    hook up with others
               * Active use of databases on    to do some
                 line, (Gert van Velzen)       programming and to
                                               have fun.
            Tactical Media Forum               chipcard enthousiasts
            Discussion on net activism and     may not know the PIC
            the formation of an                chip and may discover
            International Independent Media    new depths of love.
            Federation and the                  He's at The Workshop
            importance of the extension of     at this time, but
            this Canadian/American             will gladly go
            initiative into Europe. This       somewhere else with a
            initiative may be a real           bunch of interested
            possibility to connect radical     folks to do some
            media and enhance the              actual work.
   17:00    cooperation between them. We
            have invited several people to
            discuss this idea. We would
            welcome the foundation of a
            European Chapter of the
            International Independent Media
             Federation, and we hope that the
             exchange will be inspiring.. A
             video link with the Media
             Collective in Toronto, Canada
             will be established.
            Van Eck demonstration
            Monitors radiate the video
            signal they are displaying. This
            radiation can be picked up using
   20:00    an antenna and then displayed at
            another monitor. Prof. Erhard
            Moeller of the Fachhochschule
            Aachen in Germany will
            demonstrate this.
            Practical PGP attacks              Virtual Communities
            Joel McNamara, the author of       The Workshop
            Private Idaho, a freeware,
            Windows PGP and anonymous
            remailer shell, will talk about
            Practical PGP Attacks. This
   21:00    presentation discusses practical
            attacks an opponent may use to
            compromise PGP. These methods
            are typically much more
            efficient and cost effective
            than CPU-intensive cracking
            attempts. Vulnerabilities such
            as swap file access, trojan
            horse versions of PGP and
            shells, keyboard monitoring,
            brute forcing, and key theft
            viruses are explored.
            Countermeasures are suggested
            for enhancing security.
   22:00    Afterwards, Gary Howland will
            discuss some known PGP security 
            weaknesses involving KeyID,
            fingerprint and talk about
            dictionary attacks on the
                        Saturday, August 9th 1997
            The Circus
            1000 seat auditorium
                                        The Workshop
                                        100 seat workshop tent
            Cryptography overview
            PGP is a very popular
            tool for encryption and
            signing with number-
            theoretical methods like
            RSA or ElGamal. But
            there are more powerful
            applications of these
            and other algorithms,
            developed since the
            revival of cryptology in
               * blind signatures,
                 electronic coins
               * authentification,
                 the Kerberos system
               * anonymous
                 through MIXes
               * electronic votes
               * calls for tenders
                 via net
               * playing poker via
                 net without getting
               * authentification
                 transferring any
               * exchanging
               * sharing secrets
               * quantum cryptology
            This talk by Nils
            Toedtmann will introduce
            these applications, the
            used protocols and
            algorithms, including a
            discussion of their
            Legal Hacking
            Paul Samwel and Willem
            Scheeres of Moret Ernst
            & Young EDP Audit will
            explain the pros and
            cons of Legal Hacking or
            Penetration testing.
               * Explanation on why
                 companies want
                 these kind of tests
               * Benefits from legal
               * Relationships and
                 differences between
                 legal- and illegal
               * Releationships and
                 differences between
                 legal hacking and
               * How these kind of
                 tests are performed
               * Experiences from
                 previous tests.
                                        Java Security
                                        Kickin' Java in the Beans
                                        Bastiaan Bakker talks about
                                        JAVA security
            Active X
            Andy Mueller-Maguhn and
            Lutz Donnerhacke of the
            Chaos Computer Club show
            the vulnerabilities of
            Microsoft's Active X
            The Net Strikes Back
            Karin Spaink describes
            the history of the
            battle of the Church of
            Scientology vs.
            civilisation and updates
            us on the latest
            developments in
            Scientology's campaign
            to discredit her and
                                        WWCN - The ins and outs of
                                        the protocol
                                        The World Wide Conferencing             
					Protocol makes use of a
                                        proprietary multicasting
                                        service on top of TCP/IP.
                                        This may look as a rather
                                        peculiar (say: weird) choice.
                                        In this presentation, a
                                        rationale for this decision
                                        is given, as well as an
                                        overview of the way the
                                        multicasting protocol works.
                                        Also, attention is paid to
                                        two distributed auxiliary
                                        services: the Channel
                                        Directory Service and the
                                        User Directory Service. Due
                                        to these distributed
                                        services, the protocol is
                                        truly capable of scaling up
                                        to millions of users and tens
                                        of thousands of servers
                                        without using excess
                                        bandwidth or server memory.
            Sociology of the spammer
            Marie-Jose Klaver tries
            to understand the
            spammer mind.
                                        The Nijntje Gang
                                        Peter van Dijk discusses the
                                        technical backgrounds of a
                                        famous hack that made the
                                        media in Holland.

   15:00            Semafun
            Rop Gonggrijp and The
            Key helped develop
            Hack-Tic's Semafun, a
            pager signal (POCSAG)
            decoder that helped show
            the media how insecure
            paging data really is.
            Several years later,
            Semafun showed up again
            in the press, as The Key
            gets arrested and held
            in jail for month. The
            dutch police even claim
            that The Key is part of
            an organised crime ring.
            What's going on here?
                                        Closed Networks
                                        Klaus Theiss will discuss the
                                        problems networks such as CL
                                        and APC have to maintain
                                        their closed structure. Are
                                        closed networks useful when
                                        there is UseNet? What about
                                        SPAM and censorship?
            Smartcard security
            Piet Maclaine Pont works
            for IBM Nederland and
            will speak a titre
            personel on the security
            of modern smartcards in
            Internet applications.
                                        IT's future: transforming
                                        governing, economy and
                                        At the end of the 20th
                                        century we transform human
                                        culture and activity on a
                                        global scale. The development
                                        of IT is often seen as the
                                        cause of these large
                                        developments. It makes
                                        discussion move between IT as
                                        the harbinger of bad news and
                                        IT as the basic force for the
                                        utopia. But the changes are
                                        far wider and deeper than
                                        that and cannot be attributed
                                        to technology alone. But
                                        technology catalyzes the
                                        changes: how will IT change
                                        government, education and
                                        economy? Are the new models
                                        of development such as the
                                        Internet and the powerful
                                        contribution of hackers a
                                        view on the new way of
                                        organizing human activity?
                                        Are we hacking the future and
                                        who makes the rules?
                                        Bert Mulder has a background
                                        in psychology, was head of
                                        the information department of
                                        Hollands largest broadcasting
                                        organization Veronica,
                                        independant consultant for
                                        strategic use of media and
                                        information systems in
                                        business, government, 
 					education and culture. He is
                                        currently the information
                                        advisor of the dutch
            The german government
            has banned a political
            magazine called Radikal
            and labelled it a
            "terrorist publikation".
            It's availability on the
            Internet and the
            subsequent government
            pressure on providers to
            block access to the
            radikal web page and all
            other pages on the
            XS4ALL server has
            sparked heated debate in
            and outside of german
            borders. Sabine Helmers
            is a german Internet
            researcher and together
            with Andy Mueller-Maguhn
            she'll update you on
            what happened, why it
            happened, and what's
            likely to happen next.
                                        Searching for the digital
                                        The Forensic Science
                                        Laboratory (FSL) in the
                                        Netherlands is part of the
                                        Ministry of Justice and
                                        investigates evidence for
                                        Justice and Police. At this
                                        moment the FSL has 16
                                        specialist departments of
                                        which the department of
                                        Forensic Computerscience is
                                        the newest and the largest.
                                        The department has a total of
                                        21 computer experts who are
                                        investigating hardware,
                                        software and
                                        (data)communications in seven
                                        different labs. Dr. Hans
                                        Henseler, head of the
                                        department will give an
            Anonymous Mailbox
            Lucky Green will present
            a new technology that
            provides a reliable way
            of receiving untraceable
            email under a persistent
            pseudonym. A combination
            of mail processing
            servers and multi-
            deployed mailbox servers
            protects the privacy of
            the users from both
            corrupted operators and
            malicious third parties.
            No subpoenable database
            matching pseudonyms to
            "true names" exists.
            Security does not depend
            on secrecy.
            The l0pht
            Brian Oblivion, Weld
            Pond, Kingpin, Mudge,
            Space Rogue, Tan, and
            Stefan. This,
            incidentally, is the
            ENTIRE L0pht lineup all
            in one place at one
            time! They will be
            talking about recent
            projects and
            accomplishments, not the
            least of which will be
            their adventures with
            Windows NT and why
            Microsoft would like to
            see them shot. Look for
            some new projects to be
            introduced and for a
            discussion of emerging
            trends and shortcomings
            in the technologies that
            are backing them. This
            will be followed by a
            Q/A session.
                                        Perl as a hacker tool
                                        A short demonstration by Gary
                                        Howland to promote the use of
                                        the PERL language for
                                        developing security related
                                        Proxy for Privacy
                                        Gary Howland will discuss a
                                        modular proxy written in JAVA
                                        to run on your own PC that
                                        will protect your privacy by
                                        blocking cookies, maintaining
                                        combinations for remote sites
                                        and mess up the referrer and
                                        other unnecessary fields on
                                        outgoing WWW requests.
            opportunities, threats
            and implementations
            Bruce Schneier
            From encryption to
            digital signatures to
            electronic commerce to
            secure voting -
            cryptography has become
            the enabling technology
            that allows us to take
            existing business and
            social constructs and
            move them to computer
            networks. But a lot of
            cryptography is bad, and
            the problem with bad
            cryptography is that it
            looks just like good
            cryptography; most
            people cannot tell the
            difference. Security is
            a chain: only as strong
            as the weakest link. In
            this talk Bruce will
            take a look at the
            future of cryptography:
            the needs, the threats,
            the limits of
            technology, and the
            promise of the future.
                                        Cypherpunks meeting
                        Sunday, August 10th 1997
   Time    The Circus                       The Workshop
   UTC+2   1000 seat auditorium tent        100 seat workshop tent
           Reading headers
           SPAM is just one of the
           situations where you need to
           know where mail or UseNet
   10:00   posts are coming from.
           Jan-Pieter Cornet will tell
           you everything you always
           wanted to know about mail &
           news headers.
           Blowing Smoke and Mirrors
           Rich Graves discusses the
           experience and implications
   11:00   of mirroring neo-Nazi
           propaganda web sites, and of
           later experiences attempting
           to counter them in fun and
           freedom-affirming ways.
           TCP security
           Niels Provos explains how IP
           spoofing works, what possible    Yoyo workshop
           attacks can be mounted and       padeluun does a yoyo
           what known solutions exist       workshop.
           against spoofing. There will     Server up - and server
           also be a practical              down again. Like playing
   12:00   presentation of a                yoyo. But good recreation
           man-in-the-middle attack and     and good vibration you
           overview of IP Security and      get by playing real yoyo.
           associated key management.       And after that you go
           Last but not least some          back to work: Server down
           theoretical ways to hide         - make some funny things
           information in TCP/IP packets    - and server up again.
           will be presented.
                                            After years of excellent
                                            service, the current
                                            Internet Protocol is
                                            showing some limitations
                                            which will call the
                                            growth of the Internet to
                                            a halt. The most serious
                                            limitation is the number
           Ransom Payments in the           space: there are not
           Information Age                  enough numbers to satisfy
           Collecting money for the         the needs. This was
           perfect crime                    realized in 1994, and
   13:00   Gary Howland will show in        since then work has been
           detail how the upcoming          done to specify and
           introduction of digital money    implement a new Internet
           may lead to some very            Protocol: IPv6 (the Next
           interesting situations.          Generation Internet
                                            Protocol, IPng). Erik
                                            Verbruggen will do two
                                            talks about this new
                                            protocol. The first is a
                                            general one: Why, Where
                                            and How are the main
                                            questions. This talk
                                            assumes you've heard of
                                            the Internet.
           Cryptography has proven hard
           to outlaw. Trusted Thrid
           parties and Key Recovery
           Systems are the new strategy     IPv6 for experts
           of government to get access      This second talk will be
           to all our secrets.              a deeper investigation of
   14:00   Bert-Jaap Koops is working at    IPv6. It assumes you know
           Tilburg University and does      of addressing, routing
           Phd reseach on legal and         and a little security
           private concerns regarding       (all with respect to
           encryption. He will discuss      IPv4).
           the dutch and european
           situation regarding
                                            WWCN - The sociological
                                            The World Wide
                                            Conferencing Network and
           Key Recovery                     its associated protocol
           After the outrage over the       also try to solve social
           Clipper Chip the US              plagues that torture
           government is moving to a        current IRC based
           more clever strategy to get      networks, like channel
   15:00   access to crypto keys. Key       wars, bot wars, clone
           Recovery is a new technology     flooding, harassment,
           that is the next step in the     nick collisions and
           crypto debate. Sameer Parekh     related anomalies,
           will update us with news from    etcetera. However, only
           the front.                       time will tell how such a
                                            large crowd of people
                                            will react to eachother
                                            and to the environment in
                                            which they communicate.
           Electronic Data Systems
           Frank Rieger and padeluun
           talk about Electronic Data
           Systems, the largest company
           in 'outsourcing' computing
           facilities. You may not know
           them, but they sure know you:
           All flights are booked by the
           'Amadeus booking system',
           they make the deals with
           Master-, Amex and Visa cards.
   16:00   Their income is 34 Billion
           US$. They are operating world
           wide and they are great in
           getting contracts concerning
           very sensitive data. They are
           working for governments in
           many countries and for large
           corporations. They have the
           power of knowing everything.
           Their founder was the very
           conservative us presidential
           candidate Ross Perot.
           Information Warfare panel
           A panel of hackers will
   17:00   discuss the current trends in
           the military establishment
           regarding 'Information

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