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<nettime> reinventing the future: P05+ |<EUU|_

This just in:

> Wired magazine is hoping to reinvent itself:  "You can only be cool once,"
> says Wired executive editor Kevin Kelly, "so I think we're going into a
> postcool period and we're going to be as radical as we can without being
> cool." The new direction?  "I don't think at all that the storm has passed
> or the rebels have cleared the street.  So we'll still be there trying to
> scout ahead and report back from this other continent west of California
> that we call the future.  All we're saying is this revolution is bigger than
> you thought."  (New York Times 4 Aug 97)

"It was in the nineteenth century that each person began to have the right 
 to his little box for his little personal decomposition."   --M. Foucault
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