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<nettime> New on Pericles

Hi Nettime friends, here are some news from France you might be
interested in.

New works on Pericles, :

"Les corps d'enfants et d'autres personnes sont une merveille", an
audiovisual DIY montage of visual, sound and text
samples proposed by  Christophe Ballangé.

"Le plus étrange jardin du monde" by Laurent Cerciat. Will you be able
to find your way in Bomarzo ?

"Les enfants de lumière" by Eric Chabrely. A drop in an ocean of data.

"Spik diken fz Oermed ?" Neo-post euro-mediterranean esperanto by André
Paillaugue and Franck Pruja... English speaking friends, there is a
translation contest for you. Check "Trim lekzion Oermedz".

"Midi-Minuit", a collective and collaborative literary "work in
progress" coordinated by Bertrand Grimault".

"Les Trois Graces" : the first edition of this contributive project
about love, hate and sacred. Contributions still expected.

"Xmas Day!" Will  the small village of Belin-beliet survive the landing
of the extra-french intelligence ? Z-rated mix of photonovel and comic

"Pericles Museum" : Nabopolassar's retrospective in Belin-Beliet. Who
lies, who says the truth ? Alban Saporos, curator or Mrs Palas Rasboon,
private investigator ? Does Maurice Pansaa-Bolor, the megaboss of the
Pericles Foundation Company Corporation & Co & Fils Inc. Productions,
know anything ? Meanwhile, the last episodes of "XMAS DAY!" are shot.
Random mix.

And a few other surprises yet to come.

Thanks for your attention.

To read you.

For Pericles, jean-philippe halgand.

Pericles has been created  by Thierry Michelet and Jean-Philippe Halgand
in 1996. It is based in Bordeaux, France.

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