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<nettime> Disinfo In the NY Times---again?

Dear Jeri Clausing,

In your August 15 article in Cybertimes entitled
"Public Jumps into the Domain Name Dispute"
you failed to mention some key facts which
are factors in the current Domain Name issue.

First, the petition being widely endorsed in
support of pgMedia, Inc.'s NAME.SPACE service,
was not mentioned in your article, although it
represents a significant percentage of the number
of total replies received to date by the
US Department of Commerce.

The petition is located at

Second, you failed to report the fact that pgMedia, Inc.
is currently engaged in litigation against Network Solutions, Inc.,
a significant and influencing factor in this whole discussion.

These blatant omissions are patently misleading to
the public and fail to give a fair overview of the
entire situation.  Wheather you are underinformed
on this issue, or wheather you consciously choose to
abridge the facts to suit your personal agenda or that
of your employer, the New York Times, you are doing a
disservice to the public by exercising such journalistic

I had higher expectations for those who write for the NY Times,
and this opportunity to see how news is shaped and manufactured
has been highly enlightening.  Had I not been involved deeply and
first-hand in this issue and had there not been so much reported
about my comapny in the media, including the NY Times, concerning
pgMedia/Name.Space's role in the changing domain name space,
the Anti Trust Litigation against Network Solutions, and
the US Department of Justice's involvement, I would have
also been disinformed by your reporting.

If you have any interest in informing yourself fully on
the details absent in your reporting, please feel free to
contact me at 212.677.4080.  I will be happy to meet with
you and demonstrate the service and answer any
qusetions you may have...and I'll forgive you if you really
were unaware!

Best regards,

Paul Garrin
pgMedia, Inc./NAME.SPACE

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