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>Mr. Garrin,
>If you have a beef with our publication or our coverage, please bring it to
>my attention personally. Attempting to spam us and encouraging others to
>spam us will not get you the coverage for which you seem so desperate.
>Reasoned dialog might. We will not be bullied. Under no circumstances will
>there be any dialog with you or your company while we under a spamming attack.
>Rob Fixmer
>CyberTimes Editor
>Rob Fixmer, CyberTimes Editor
>The New York Times on the Web <>
>1120 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10036
>Voice line: 212-597-8023    Fax line: 212-597-8014

Dear Mr. Fixmer,

it's nice to finally hear from you.

If you have been paying attention to your email over the
past 9 months or so you would have noticed the information
about the activities of pgMedia Inc. and Name.Space.

Over that period of time, the NY Times has repeatedly ignored
the significance of pgMedia's activities in defining the changing
Domain Namespace.

The message dispatch sent earlier today is not a "spam attack" as
you called it, but an alert to the net community of the irresponsible
journalistic practices that once again your writers and perhaps yourself
are guilty of.  Enough is enough!

This is not an attempt to "bully" you, but since I now have your attention,
I would be happy to finally have the opportunity to discuss with you
on the record some of the things which have been blatently omitted in
articles under the auspices of your editorial review.

I do not seek retribution or any other recourse other than to be
treated fairly and reasonably, and above all to be acknowledged and
not patently censored from the articles under your editorial control.

You must admit, if you look at the responses to the DoC, a significant
number of replies endorse specifically the system that Name.Space has
currently in place on the internet, and a sizable number of comments
which do not directly endorse Name.Space do advocate many if not all of
the policies and practices currently in place under the Name.Space

I can be reached by telephone at 212.677.4080.
If you would like to schedule a meeting or an interview,
please contact me and I will make time available for you.

Looking forward to your call.

Best wishes,

Paul Garrin
pgMedia, Inc./NAME.SPACE

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