Tapio Mäkelä on Sun, 17 Aug 1997 04:41:14 +0200 (MET DST)

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<nettime> Who is paying you?

>The COOK Report on Internet               For subsc. pricing & more than
>Governance at the Crossroads ($175)

You are a promoter, a spreader of hype...not a major player.

Name.space deals with changing the way we think about net space mapping.
The reason information about it is distributed on Nettime is because it is
connected with organizations invovled with critical media & art. If
Name.Space becomes successfull, it will support artist activities. The
equation is simple:
financial support & technical independence potentially create freedom to
continue producing critical & artistic discourses in the quickly developing
media environment even in times when public funding is minimal due to
conservative political times. Now, Mr. Cook is a technocrat, who is not
interested in the above issues, apparently, and has had the only aim to
disrupt delivery of information from Paul Garrin to subscribers of Nettime.
Perhaps Mr. Cook will apply for a job at the Network Solutions, Inc.?

please sign the petition & ignore this message and the one that this is
replying to.


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