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<nettime> gordon, ted, your Homework Assignment

The following is a homework assignment for
Cook and Byfield (and anyone else who subscribes to their
baseless mutterings):

1.      Go to the  US Department of Commerce site and read
        the public posts.

2.      Call the following Agents from the US Department of
        Justice and ask them if they think Paul Garrin has
        enough credibility to cause them to fly to NY from
        Washington DC to discuss Name.Space for over 4 hours.

        James J. Tierney
        Trial Attorney, Computers and Finance Section
        US Department of Justice Antitrust Division
        (202) 307 0797

        Ruth S. Raubitschek
        US Department of Justice Antitrust Division
        Economic Analysis Group
        (202) 307 6650

        Deborah Connor
        Trial Attorney
        US Department of Justice Antitrust Division
        (202) 514 4890

3.      Go to the media page and read some of
        the recent media.  Why would the Washington Post
        SF Chronicle and LA Times print the same story
        about the USDoJ investigation, mention the pgMedia
        case against NSI, and in the same article in the
        NY Times no mention of pgMedia.

4.      Go to the website (since you probably
        have never even checked it out) and register a name,
        create an address record (full administrative access
        for user via web) and mirror your homepage while
        creating a virtual host on the fly...all functioning
        in less than 10 miniutes.

5.      Try to do the same at Network Solutions.

6.      Read the names and addresses of the signitories of
        the Name.Space petition to the USDoC.

7.      Send in your own comments to the USDoC.  Instead of being
        the curmudgeons scowling in the corner waiting for and
        opportunity to piss on everyone, try and do/say something
        constructive for a change.

        Better hurry...the deadline is tomorrow, Monday, August 18, 1997.

8.      Smile!

Paul Garrin

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