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Re: <nettime> Re: Cook: Get A Life!

>Well, I'm new to this list, so perhaps my sensibilities are still a tad
>tender.  But this man is burning a little hot under the collar.  Is he
>just crazy and tolerated, a circus freak?  He appears to be asking for
>support; his approach is peculiar.  Maybe he should hire a PR firm.
Dear John,

because you are new to the list you don't know me
or Gordon Cook, a suburban new jersey businessman
who is out to disinform the public and discredit me
with his noise.  His views do not reflect the sentiments
of this list and his only "contributions" to the list
have been to bash me.  He has nothing to say otherwise
and he merely lurks here awaiting his opportunity to

I am not burning under the collar.  I am just playing
with this clueless loser.  I wouldn't have done it in
public if he didn't start it in public.  Sorry you have
to be subjected to this.

I suggest you familiarize yourself with the background
before you start calling anyone names.

Paul Garrin

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