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<nettime> police intervention at Hybrid WorkSpace

Schlingensief's statement: 'Toetet Helmut Kohl' (kill the 
German Bundeskanzler Kohl) caused the Kassel police to 
intervene at the Hybrid WorkSpace and arrest
Cristoph Schlingensief and the actor Bernhard Schuetz.
The Police entered the Hybrid WorkSpace early afternoon
at the 31st of September, hand-cuffed the two 'artists'
and on their way out the police dog bit the Japanese pop-
star Hanayo who had joined the group of performers.

The radical statements in form of verbal of visual (i.e.
theatrical) performances already caused a lot of trouble
in Berlin, where Schlingensief's performance at the 
Volksbuehne caused Kohl himself to ring the Berlin 
Kultursenator Radunski and ponder if they should arrest
the director and/or his actors...

Schlingensief himself thanked the Police for supplying 
him with such vivid reality pictures of the late 60s.
He waved his Rudi Dutschke wig when re-entering the Hybrid 
WorkSpace and at the moment they all celebrate the turbulent
weekend with 'Danke' - who never heard it should try to get 
on the waiting loop of the Volksbuehne (+49.30.240650)

The inside outside distinction seemed crucial at the event.
One of the speakers which amplified slogans and performance 
inside the Orangerie, had been placed outside and not only
caused the owner of the restaurant to call the police, but 
also the police to classify this event as an invitation to the
public to commit crime. Inside the closed theater or art
context this does not seem to apply. Why is that? Is the art 
context a law-free (i.e. governmentally assigded reality-free) 
20cm furhter to the door and the same slogan (to the same audience, 
who just sat down outside to have a cup of tey) causes the police
to intervene. Good and bad at the same time that this 
intervention still takes place...

WorkSpace ... Work ...  the performance was dedicated
to the 6 millions 'unemployed' people in Germany. 
What happened inside the media laboratory
was the 'work' of a group of people which then has been 
labelled as a political act as soon as it left the space
it originally had been designated to (the 'Work'Space).
The original phone call came from the pub owner next door 
who saw his 'work' being threatened by ours. And the leisure
zone of the people who 'worked' hard throughout the week
to engange in the luxurious activity of visiting documenta.
It might be time to re-consider the exchange systems
which have been established, the balance between:
information, material goods and spectaculum. And more urgently:
What is the space where such an exchange can take place?


P.S.: URLs of the event can be found at the 31st of September
at http://www.icf.de/workspace

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