Matthew Fuller on Sun, 1 Feb 1998 19:55:32 +0100 (MET)

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<nettime> nettime moderation

Over the next month or so Pit will be away from Berlin and the net.  During
this period, moderation of the Nettime list will be carried out by Geert
Lovink ( and Matthew Fuller (  The
style of moderation will generally remain the same.  At the same time
however, we want to take this opportunity of having dual moderation to
invite people involved in the list to experiment a little with it as a
technical and social form.
        In particular we are conscious that there is a tendency for
specific styles of writing to dominate traffic on Nettime.  Increasingly
the list is being used for men to compare the length of their bookshelves.
Whilst we're hot for polemic and monumental essays of universal importance,
we also believe that other things need to be said.
        To this end we have consulted the relevant tabulations and urge all
nettimers to increase productivity in the following areas:

rants - 25% increase
12.8% more manifestos
a full 50% more fiction
software reviews - 23.8% increase
nasty weird shit - 100%

Other formats such as, conversations compiled by email and turned into chat
documents; stupid sayings; things overheard on the bus; stolen documents;
specifications for impossible network devices, and so on.  In addition, we
would love to hear from the many lurkers on the list.  We'd like your
invisibility to remain comfortable, but if you fancy saying something - get
        It is expected that the amount of traffic will increase to some
extent due to this invitation.  In anticipation of this there will be two
shifts of moderation: morning and evening (GMT).  In order not to swell the
tide too much any complaints about overload will be noted, but not posted.
Quality and relevance control will still be important.
        In order to meet any problems with overload the moderators have
arranged to have a new key delivered to the keyboard of every nettimer.  It
should now be appearing in the top right of your keyboard.  It is called
the >delete< key.  Use it - it feels good.

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