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Re: <nettime> tricky, tricky wrote:
>      [orig to syndicate]
(snip of letter describing impersonation by email)
> I'm curious, though, if this kind of thing has happened on syndicate
> before. Yeah -- curiouser and curiouser. [& don't forget to read the
> interesting text attached below.]
> Cheers,
> Michael Benson 

This sort of thing has happened before on the Cream list in Manchester
with whole strings of impersonation going on amusingly/annoyingly for days
at a time. Sometimes extremely hard to see the join between the different
i-Ds posting with the same credentials. 

At times this reached belligerent states but hardly the same
importance/danger as in times of war discourse. 

Of course this is not at all an internet exclusive.

Many years ago I was impersonated as the author of a pretty nasty letter
to Britain's Irish Post paper. The letter was sent over my name and quoted
my full postal/visitor address. I was lucky that local anti- fascists knew
that the views in the letter were not at all similar to mine, but I still
did not stay at my flat for a week - until the paper's apology and
clarification were printed. I did not insist on a full enquiry but think
if it happened again I would. 

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