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<nettime> Cato Institute Netcast on ICANN and Net Governance

Cato Institute Netcast:

A Crisis in Internet Governanace:
ICANN, Trademarks, and Domain Names (05/06/99)

A Cato policy forum, featuring Professor Milton Mueller, Syracuse
University, Professor David G. Post, Temple University Law School, and J.
Beckwith Burr, NTIA. 

ICANN was created to administer basic rules for the Internet such as those
determining how domain names are distributed. ICANN is now considering a
WIPO proposal to create a forum to review domain names for trademark

When should an entity like ICANN assume functions usually performed by

What happens to due process and freedom of expression?

Is ICANN itself a private or a governmental entity?

[ ICANN= Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
 WIPO= World Intellectual Property Organization ]


New Toplevel Domains,
Privacy, open access, free expression, network autonomy

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