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<nettime> 7sea-chickenz 4/24 report

dear all,

After the first gathering on April 3, "7sea-chickenz"
has been working mainly closed ML and the 
translaton activities are going on well. But, as not 
having any center or fixed system, we are still on the 
way of setting up the suitable working structure.

After one month of the first attack by NATO and
three weeks of our first meeting, we organized the
first public gathering "Kosovo Issue and Independent
Media" on Apirl 24(sat) in Yokohama. Here is a short
Report by me. (Toshiya Ueno is going to post his review
on the gathering also).

Yukiko Shikata


Report on "Kosovo Issue and Independent Media" 

Date: April 24(sat), 14:00-18:00
Location: Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship, Yokohama
Organized by 7sea-chickenz 
Co-organized by People's Media Network,
Japan Computer Access(Citizen's Computer Communication 
Research Group), JCA-NET(APC network's node in Japan)

7sea-chickenz, a network of individuals working for art and
media since April 3, organized the public gathering for further 
understandings of the Kosovo, Serbia issue, and B92 and other 
independent media in Serbia and Kosovo, "Help B92," and open
discussions for the connective transnetworks beyond groups.
Even it was rainy and located more than one hour away from 
Tokyo, over 60 people attended to the gathering.

7sea-chickenz takes new direction, beyond political differences 
to share the same goal to help the independnt meda in serbia,
kosovo, to provide the translated information in Japan. The
activities are manly being operated via closed ML, and this
gathering was to raise the issue for broader audiences who
would like to know more about the situation. 

The following is the contents of the meeting;
(moderated by Tadakazau Fukutomi, Journalist)

--Yukiko Shikata on "a short description of 7sea-chickenz"
--Mr. Teranaka (of Amnesty International) on the Kosovo refugee crisis
--David d'Heilly  (filmmaker) on the role of "independent media" in
ex-yugo, followed by a showing of the Belgrade episode of his "Media City
Road Movie" tv show, (which featured B92, and other "independents") about
the crisis of the '96 "democracy" demonstrations in Belgrade.

--Toshiya Ueno (sociologist) on "four points essential to understanding
the conflict."
--Tomohiro Okada (coordinator for multimedia cultural affairs) offering a
lighthearted video report of Belgrade one week before the beginning of
NATO's entry into the conflict, including the Tesla Museum, B92 head
offices, Cinema Rex, B92's multimedia infrastructure, etc.
--Ken Nakano (of GPOD's graphic designer team) on the official "Help B92"
site in Osaka, Japan, including their on-going translations project, and
newly introduced "Help B92 Starter Kit" (T-shirts designed by GPOD, and
CD-ROM, card). [the profit to be sent to "Help B92 via 7sea-chickenz].
--excerpts from the "Help B92" English message made for FM Wai Wai, a
multilingual broadcast station in Kobe,which took an important role after
the Kobe/Awaji earthquake in 1995.
 1) by Yutaka Tsuchiya, video activist who took part in N5M3
 2) by Mr. Yoshino of Japan Computer Access (Citizen's Computer
  Communication Research Group) on their activities
 3) by Mr. Hamada of JCA-Net on their activities to support independent
  activities via Internet, incluging a XS4ALL(Radikal magazine) mirror site 
  since 2 years, etc.

--short report on the activities of 7sea-chickenz by Miki Fukuda
(research into distribution partners for "7sea-chikenz" aid), Yukiko
Shikata (overview)
--general audience Q&A with Fukutomi Tadakazu and David d'Heilly

 There are many audiences from various NGO, NGO researchers,
 Press, and lot of young people. 7sea-chickenz asked for their
 help for collaboration.

> -It is the first priority for 7sea-chickens to provide information
which is not available by mass media in Japan.
-It is clear for 7sea-chickenz not to have an united political
 stance, but to work together to help B92 and other independent
 media in serbia, kosovo, etc.
-For that, we need more people to get invoived even sharing
 a small work.
-By being aware of already being in "Infowar," (in many levels), we
 keep going forward our activities.

 (by Yukiko Shikata) 

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