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<nettime> Free B92 News Release



May 11, 1999

>From today the free voices of B92 'Yugoslavia's most popular
independent broadcaster' - can be read and heard again for the first time
since the April 2 government ban on B92 on our NEW web site:


FreeB92, launched today by the Amsterdam support group HelpB92 in protest
at the government ban and takeover of B92, is the ONLY site where you can
find the free voices of the B92 team. The site is maintained and published
by the B92 team of journalists and associates, working from various parts
of the world. The common aim of Free B92 and associated projects is to
preserve the spirit of professionalism which has been stripped from
everyday communication in Yugoslavia through the Belgrade regime’s banning
and takeover of Radio B92 and other independent voices in the country.

Featuring Now on FreeB92

Association of World Community Radio Stations (AMARC) international
solidarity campaign for B92, ANEM and other independent broadcasters in
and from Yugoslavia

Read and listen
Daily News and Press Review
Live Solidarity Actions
Radio Documentary Production - RealAudio
Media Repression and News about Media
War Decrees on Reporting
Live Debates

Link up to B92's best projects and partners

ANEM-Solidarity and Solidarity Actions
Free-2000 Committee for the Defence of Free Media in Yugoslavia
Rex Cultural centre
B92 Publishing
And many more links to the best sites reporting media repression, and
the war in Kosovo and Yugoslavia

And join us at FreeB92 on May 15 to celebrate B92's 10th Birthday

An EXCLUSIVE B92 Birthday Present

Your very own customised FreeB92 RealPlayer download from the FreeB92
website on May 15 and make a DONATION to support B92 and other media in
distress in Yugoslavia

Voice mailbox for Birthday Greetings
To send messages and greetings to B92 for its birthday just phone:

++31 20 4216439


A Global 24-Hour Peace Netcast in aid of Radio B92 and other media
workers in distress in and from Yugoslavia at the following URL:


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