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<nettime> Enfopol draft document



          THE COUNCIL (OR. d)

                                        Brussels, 15 March 1999 (22.03)



                                        ENFOPOL 19


          from : Presidency

          to : Police Cooperation Working Party

          No. prev. doc.: 10951/2/98 ENFOPOL 98 REV 2 + COR 1

          Subject: Interception of telecommunications

                   - Draft Council Resolution on new technologies

    Delegations will find attached the text of the above Council
    Resolution as it stands following the meeting of the Police
    Cooperation Working Party on 11 March 1999.


                 COUNCIL RESOLUTION
                 on the lawful interception of  telecommunications
                 in relation to new technologies


          Having regard to the Treaty on European Union, and in particular
          Articles K.1(9) and K.2(2) thereof,

          Reaffirming the considerations put forward in the Council
          Resolution of 17 January 1995 on the lawful interception
          of telecommunications,

          Whereas the requirements listed in the Annex to that Resolution
          constitute an important summary of the needs of the competent
          agencies as regards the technical and organisational
          implementation of lawful interception measures,


Full text is online at:


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