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<nettime> NewsScan Daily, 13 May 1999 ("Above The Fold") [excerpt]

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NewsScan Daily,  13 May 1999 ("Above The Fold")

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        Brits Move To Shut Down Spy-Revealing Web Site


Calling it a threat to Britain's security operation, the British government
Wednesday appealed to British media outlets not to reveal the URL of a
U.S.-based Web site listing the names of dozens of alleged secret agents.
"The published contents could be gravely damaging," says Rear Admiral David
Pulvertaft.  "Officials here (in London) hope they will have this Web site
removed as speedily as possible."  The agents were reported to have worked
for Britain's Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), formerly known as MI6.  An
alert has been sent out to U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) stations
as well, because as one unidentified CIA official told a British journalist,
"If your agents are in danger, then ours are too."  The Web site, reportedly
set up by an MI6 renegade, "appears to maintain its own server, rather than
being hosted by an Internet service provider that could be put under
pressure to remove it," says the Financial Times.  The British government
has obtained a court injunction to close down the site.  (Reuters/TechWeb 13
May 99)


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