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Date: Wed, 12 May 1999 16:07:23 +0100
From: Duncan Campbell <>
Subject: NEWSFLASH - can you put this up???

British government tries to censor Internet information about secret agents

On Wednesday afternoon, the British government's press censorship 
organisation distributed a warning to British media outlets not to tell 
their audiences about a new US web site that lists British secret agents.

Here is the government order sent to media outlets in the UK at about 0700 
EDT, Wednesday 12 May.

What is the secret URL that they are trying to censor news from.  Does 
anyone know?

If you do, please tell [and to]  This is the 
notice.     Duncan Campbell

ADVISORY, not for publication:

We have been asked by the secretary of the Defence, Press and Broadcasting 
Advisory Committee to publish the following:


I understand that a US-based website has today published on the internet a 
list which identifies a large number of SIS (MI6) officers.

Defence Advisory Notice No 6 asks editors and programme makers to seek 
advice before publishing such details unless they have been widely 
disclosed or discussed as such action could put lives at risk.

Departmental officers are examining how the damage of this disclosure can 
be minimised. While this is in progress, I would ask that editors do not 
interpret the information in the website as being widely disclosed and do 
not, therefore, publish the address or the content of the website without 
first contacting the D Notice Secretary, Rear Admiral David Pulvertaft

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