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<nettime> Fwd: time scedule netaid 10 years B92

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From: Geert Lovink <>
Date: Saturday, 15. May 1999, 09:35:21
Subject: Syndicate: time scedule netaid 10 years B92

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From: NetAid BeNinetyTwo <>

00.00 le boum de luxe FM4 netaid special dj abraxas, dj electric
indigo, hans wu, gordan paunovic
live from ORF - FM 4 studios

02.00 word processing - comma
text based improvisation performed as a plea for peace in kosovo

02.10 peaceful mix for B92 - charlie hall
dj set - electro beatz

03.10 EC80R, patric catani and STEVE HIVE for B92
digital hardcore recordings

03.30 B92 babies
belgrade stream

04.00 relaxation - vlada janjic (B92)
dj set house

05.00 BPM - boza podunavac (B92)
dj set techno

06.00 re-evolution in peace - fred giteau
trance dj set

07.30 nu ambient grooves for planetary peace - dj acan
ambient, beat, trance

08.30 the lonely planet - jamie myerson

09.10 southern studio special (w/'tone, thatcher on acid etc)

09.30 the fontanelles + the plimsouls

10.00 morning music - steve shelley (sonic youth)
dj set

10.40 she - boiled in lead
an original song by adam stemple to rhythms learned from balkan music.
recorded live march 17 1995 in minneapolis

10.45 siberia - big sky

10.50 obozavam te - les masochats
psy trance paris - belgrade project for peace in balkans

11.20 slaga se sl'nce da zajde/the sun ascends to go down - anastasia
skopje macedonia

11.30 corrosion

12.00 xchange - tetsuo kogawa, borut savski and
r a d i o q u a l i a
live japan ljubljana vienna

13.00 sid griffin presents gram parsons
country&western dj show

14.00 stoned asia - DJ pathaan
kickin' records london

14.30 john acquaviva
dj set - house

16.00 my first - dj blim
dj set - drum'n'bass

17.00 paper recordings presents miles holloway
dj set - house

18.00 no more bombs -  charlie hall
rockin' house dj mix

19.00 other voices: echoes from a war zone
gordan paunovic - kunst radio production

20.00 b92 birthday concert
darkwood dub
kanda kodza i nebojsa
neocekivana sila koja se iznenada pojavljuje i resava stvar
secret location - belgrade

22.30 sonic youth concert
paris, spring 1999

23.30 mike watt & the black gang
live colubia studios los angeles california

plus 24 -hour sounds of B92 original jingles (berlin prix futura),
B92 releases, bombing soundscapes and live war stream from belgrade

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