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     [orig to <music-dsp@shoko.calarts.edu>, bcced (?) to nettime]

humanz.onerror = null;
nein = new Nato();

Ring around the rosy,
Pockets full of posy
Ashes, ashes,
Nato ___..

estingi estingigi malestingi malestingigi ekmalestingi
ekmalestingigi si yo vell har considerat it falsmen quam

(pointing one at a time to each choice for each word)  Another version
ends in "And you are not it"
The first line, supposedly, dates back to a pre-Celtic counting system.

It's bad manners to talk about Nato in the presence of a intelligent life form

   identally, it is actually a true story.

humanz.onerror = engl!sch;
new Nato() = nein;

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