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<nettime> International Browserday live on DDS realchannel

The Digital City presents

Live realvideo on The Cultural channel of The Digital City Amsterdam  DDS 1

The second International Browserday.

Browser competion: from 12  till 5 pm
Browser debate: from 8:30 til 11:00  pm

The 2nd International   Browser Competition is a   challenge to young
students of European Arts   Academies of design an   inspiring medium for
the   new millennium.
Subversive, sophisticated,   high-tech or back-to-basics,   endearing or
breathtaking.   The defining boundaries
between Operating Systems and browsers become more and more vague. The only
remaining standard is that of the imagination.

At the 1st International Browser day (april 1998) presentations  were given
of a.o. The Kitchenbrowser, The Filter and Cybersurprise. The entries
compete for the Browser Award and will be presented by John Thackara,
director of the Dutch Design Institute.
A jury of design experts, new media journalists and critics decide which
Browser will be award-winning. Members of the jury include chairman Paul
Settels (director Knowledge / Internet Society Netherlands),
Marjolijn Ruijg (Designer), Rolf Pixley (Anomalous Reasearch).

In the evening the Browser Debate will take place in De Balie.
Internationally known interactiondesigners will talk about the browsers of
the next millenium, and the possible infrastructure our browsers will be
working on.

Guests of the evening are:
Max Bruinsma (editor Eye Magazine), Stewart McBride
(Chief Creative Officer, United Digital Artists), Volker Grassmuck
(writer and initiator of the Wizard of Oz conference / member of Mikro,
Berlin) and Eric Huizer (director SURFnet Expertise Center).

At the end of this evening the winner of the 2e Internationale Browser
Award will be announced.

More information:  WWW.WAAG.ORG/BROWSER
Live webcast: LIVE.DDS.NL

The second International Browserday is an initiative of the Society of old
and New Media (Amsterdam), and has been realized in cooperation with:
Gerrit   Rietveld Academy, the Utrecht School for the Arts, The Sandberg
Digital City Amsterdam, Paradiso and De Balie.

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