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<nettime> [ot] korporat kattle

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>Dear =cw4t7abs,

theoretical texts

>Under the
>I will curate a major ....
>exhibition which is investigating how the rise of the information society is
>changing our conception and practise of art and how net.art can contribute
>to understand better the potentials of the new internet society (a pilot
>paper is attached).

shortkut 2 m9nd akt!v!t! +

>There will be also a publication of a large catalogue with theoretical texts
>and comments, artist's statements, and a lot of visual material.

+ regurg!tatd korporat data

>I am very interested in your work ......

 I am                 in your "work" ......

>and would be very grateful

korporat slug

>if you could send me more

"With the hope of a collaboration"  +?

>With the hope of a collaboration

du = mean `w!th dze hope ov explo!t!ng =cw4t7abs` jas +?

>and the expression of my respect

rezpekt = bas!s ov jankee fasc!zm raz!zm kap!tal!zm
0+1 eczpress!on ov d!zrezpekt 4 rezpekt

>sincerely yours,
>Peter Weibel
>Peter Weibel, curator

 Peter Weibel - korporat fasc!zt explo!teur

>ARTISTS (preliminary list):

ARTISTS - alibi

>Antoni Abad, Roberto Aguirrezabala, David Blair, Luther Blissett, Heath
>Bunting, Vuk Cosic, Jordan Crandall, Ken Feingold, Masaki Fujihata, Jochen
>Gerz, Marina Grzinic / Aina Smid, Lynn Hershman, Reni Hofmller / Vesna
>Manojkovic / Cym Groenestijn / Moni Glahn / Amina Kaiser / Katja Lamprecht /
>Katarina Pejovic, Markus Huemer, Ricardo Iglesias, Margarethe Jahrmann,
>JODI, Knowbotic Research, Darij Kreuh, Luther Blisset, Chihiro Minato,
>Motohiko Odani, Alexandru Patatics, Philip Pocock, Jeffrey Shaw, Alexej
>Shulgin, Niek van de Steeg, Makoto Sei Watanabe

1 konglomerat ov rezpektfl korporat kattle \+\ dze plakard read moo

=cw4t7abs = part!z!pat!ng deja az kattl zpez!.menz abov =
koOp! pAazte !mpoztorz

[p-un_kT-pr_o-Tk_oL]  f    3       ||
                 herausgegeben vm !nternat!onalen
!nst!tut f:ur ordnung |+| d!sz!pl!n
       : / / m9ndfukc.com

                                                     |  +----------
                                                    |  |
                                   \\----------------+  |

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