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<nettime> Dana Atchley Gives Benefit Performance for ASCI @ Kitchen...

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Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. and  INTEL are pleased to invite you to

Dana Atchley's Interactive Multimedia Performance at the KITCHEN…
Wednesday, June 2nd & Thursday, June 3rd at 8PM
Benefit event for ASCI...  $20 Tickets at the door only (6-8pm)

Dana Atchley's NEXT EXIT will be shown for the first time in New York at
the KITCHEN on June 2nd and 3rd at 8pm.  NEXT EXIT is an interactive
theatrical performance created and presented by Atchley who, sitting on a
log next to a digital campfire and, drawing from a virtual suitcase of
seventy stories, creates a unique selection for each audience.  As reported
by critics from many fields, NEXT EXIT is humorous, touching, surprising,
and emotionally resonant. 

A testament to the rich dimensionality of the work is the incredible range
of venues at which it has been presented:  the Variety Interactive Summit,
1998; the American Society of Archivists, 1998; American Press Institute,
1998; Digital Livingroom Conference, 1998; TED 7, Monterey, 1997; Dallas
Video Festival, 1997; Milia, Cannes, 1997; Ontario Gallery of Art, 1997;
Sundance Film Festival, 1997; Institute for the Future, 1997; Rotterdam
Film Festival, 1996; Digital Media World, Berlin, 1996; and Storytelling
for the New Millennium, Kauai, 1996, to name a few.

Technically speaking, Next Exit spans one hundred and fifty years of
personal and family archives and incorporates more than two dozen image
formats from the daguerreotype to digital video. Images are processed on a
Macintosh G3 using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere and AfterEffects. Video
is captured on using a Targa RTX system direct to StreamLogic Arrays. The
performance combines Quicktime stories along with original words and music
via Macromedia Director.  Although Next Exit takes advantage of digital
technologies to be transparently interactive, there are nearly one hundred
pages of code written by Patrick Milligan, that facilitate the show's
interactive capabilities including the use of a wireless mouse from the stage.

Coming from a video tradition, Atchley has achieved a mature and natural
transition into new media.  Indeed, his seminal work is helping to create
the new form of interactive multimedia performance. "Next Exit served to
underscore a lesson many performers in this field have not yet taken to
heart. Computers can't be the main event; they should be a blank slate for
the creative mind," Scott Rosenberg, A Dazzling Highwire Exhibition, the
San Francisco Examiner.

NEXT EXIT is a benefit performance for Art & Science Collaborations, Inc.
(ASCI) and is being sponsored by INTEL. $20 Tickets sold at the door only
6-8 pm June 2nd and 3rd . The Kitchen is located at 512 W. 19th Street
(between 10th and 11th Ave; just east of the West Side Hwy; ample street
parking; good Chelsea restaurants nearby.)

Press Contact:  Cynthia Pannucci  (718) 816-9796

Cynthia Pannucci
Art & Science Collaborations, Inc. (ASCI)
****Celebrating its 11th Year****

718 816-9796;
PO Box 358, Staten Island, NY 10301

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