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>Subject: [ICC] Fwd: Inter Continental Caravan99-London meeting May 28th (fwd)
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>Subject: Fwd: Inter Continental Caravan99-London meeting May 28th
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>Inter Continental Caravan99
>Between May 27 and 26 June, five hundred indigenous people from the world
>over will be touring Europe. Their aim is to demonstrate to us in the north
>the devastating effects that WTO trade policies are having on small farming
>communities: Displacement of people, destruction of culture and escalating
>poverty . They are tired of being condemned to the so-called mercy and
>charity of the richer global states when it is the direct actions of these
>states that is complicit in their subjugation in the first instance.
>The short stay of 120 participants in England is a small part of a far wider
>tour spanning 9000km of both Eastern and Western Europe. There are eleven
>coaches of 550 indigenous delegates intending to establish links with grass
>roots organisations here in the north as it is this sector of the global
>community who bear the brunt of corporate exploitation. This is an unique
>event whereby delegates from the most economically oppressed global regions
>shall come together in a united force to hold to account those responsible
>for the expropriation of their countries wealth.
>The idea of an Inter Continental Caravan was initiated by the KRRS (the
>largest farmers movement in Karnataka, India), and has spread to the far
>reaches of Brazil and Africa, drawing participants from those areas. Also
>unique to this project is the absence of paternalistic NGO or charity
>intervention. The whole event has been pioneered by the volition of grass
>roots activists.
>There is a public meeting to be held at Friends House Euston on Friday 28th
>May between 12.00 and 4.30pm. Here we can hear directly from affected
>peasants the impact meted by the corporate giants and the growing resistance
>they have towards the increasing grip multinationals are asserting on the
>entire food chain. Speakers come from the Adivasi (land rights movement),
>peasant farmers and fisherfolk,amongst others. From the frontline European
>activism there will be speakers from Banana-link, Partizans,Genetic
>Engineering Network,Hillindon Strikers,South Asia Solidarity Group,Womens
>Environmental Network,The Diggers,plus Theo and  Shannon performing their
>amazing Monsanto Song.
>For more information or donations contact the Icc99uk office on 0171 700
>2502 or Error! Bookmark not defined.  For electronic donations The London
>Welcoming Committee Account is held at Triodos. Number  02556500
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