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<nettime> (fwd) Fortress Europe: (en) Openeurope-list founded (de, it, sv, fi)

From: Openeurope-owner <>
Subject: (en) Openeurope-list founded (de, it, sv, fi)


The topic of the Eurofortress-list is to exchange views and news about the
struggles for free Europe, against deportations, detention centers and the
increasing police control over people both sides of the union borders.

The list is maintained from Finland, and it's main purpose is to create and
facilitate program for a planned countermeeting against the Special
Eurosummit about Immigration and Internal Security Policy, which will
coincide with the Summit in Tampere, Finland on October 15th-16th 1999, and
to get Finnish activist involved to the discussion going on all around the
union, challenging the official EU policies. However, list will continue
it's existence also after the meeting of Tampere.

All kinds of news, views and action alerts around these issues are welcome
to the list. If list frequency becomes too high for the original purpose,
discussion about counter strategies, tighter definition of the list topic
will be made and new lists for excluded topics will be founded.

We find it important to have a list open to discussion with at least all
major European languages and Finnish. When list starts to run, we start
further discussion about which are the languages all list mail should be
translated into, and which are the languages all list mail is recommended to
be translated. If translations don't appear spontaneously, we will choose
people responsible to make the translations. Of course, we welcome all
material in other languages spoken this side of the Ural as well - you may
start enlarging the variety of languages by translating this introduction
into your language, and the list maintainer will add it to the introduction

The is both open and closed version of the list. Naturally we cannot
guarantee that the list will not be tapped or supervised.  We want from all
the people interested to join the closed list a short definition of himself
and why she/he is wants to join the list. If people already on the closed
list find it important to exclude certain new candidates from the list for
security reasons, they will not be added to the list.. The list maintainer
will save all presentations and send them to new members. Please add to your
presentation information about your willingness to make translations as well
- - and also about your language skills in general, so the list maintainer
will have a general view which languages are most preferred by list users.


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