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<nettime> Re: Web Site Visitor

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Dear Friend,

Thank you for your input!

Roy and Liz

Presidential Exploratory Committee: Your efforts redeemed

You wrote:
>You guys are a bunch of morons.  Do you really think that you're
>performing some public service by putting up this immature web site
>containing petty criticisms of George Bush.  You are exactly the type of
>jerks that the American public would love to remove from the entire
>political process.  It's insulting to the American public that your
>attempting to frame the political debate on such stupidities as you
>discuss here.  Why don't you talk about the real issues that Americans
>care about and provide YOUR opinion on them (whoever you are) rather
>than participating in the character assassination that the American
>public is so demoralized by.  It's sad that you don't realize it but
>you're PART of the problem in AMerican politics tiday - not part of any
>solutions.  Stop talking about why G. Bush is so bad and tell us why
>your so good.  That way, maybe we can make an informed, intelligent
>decision in the next election. On second thought, you wouldn't want
>that, would you?
>By the way, you may think I'm a G. Bush supporter or, at least, a
>Republican by nature but you're wrong.  I'm for the best candidate
>regardless of party affiliation and my voting record proves it.
>Get to work on real issues or get out of the way so the rest of us can!

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