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<nettime> Midnight Deadline for Comments to ICANN

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Sent: Monday, May 17, 1999 6:59 PM
Subject: Reminder: Proposals for Public Comment in Advance of ICANN
Berlin Meetings

In advance of the ICANN meetings in Berlin on May 25-27, a number of
proposals, recommendations, and reports have been posted for public comment
on the ICANN website in recent weeks.  These items, together with the
comments received, will be discussed at a public forum in Berlin on May 26,
1999. The ICANN board may consider taking action on these proposals at its
meeting on May 27, 1999.  ICANN actively encourages interested individuals
and entities to review these documents and to forward comments to the email
addresses set forth on the web page for each item.  Comments received are
automatically archived on the ICANN website for public review.

Summary of items posted for public notice and comment:

- Proposals for recognition as ICANN Supporting Organizations
- Proposals for Domain Name Supporting Organization Constituency Groups
- The World Intellectual Property Organization's "Final Report of the WIPO
Internet Domain Name Process" <>
- The ICANN Membership Advisory Committee has posted its preliminary
recommendations for ICANN's membership structure
- The ICANN Advisory Committee on Independent Review has posted its
preliminary recommendations for ICANN's independent review mechanism
- The proposed 1999-2000 ICANN transition budget
- A proposed interim policy on geographic diversity for the ICANN Board of
Directors <>

In addition, ICANN has posted a question requesting comment on a proposal
recategorize the DNSO constituencies for ccTLD registries and gTLD
registries <>

For further details on these proposals, please see
<>.  For details on the ICANN
meetings, please see <>.

Best regards,

--Andrew McLaughlin

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