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<nettime> Rock for Timor [sydney]

Xanana Blues Concert
A Benefit Night for East Timor
Harbourside Brasserie (Pier One, The Rocks, Sydney)
Thursday 3rd June 7PM-1AM
$15/$12 concession
Bookings: 9252 3000

comperes: Steve Sewell/Julia Leigh, with
* The Waifs
* Mick Conway's National Junk Band
* Lloyd Swanton & the Catholics
* Edwina Blush & Trevor Brown
* Jan Preston + Friends
* Reggae Temptation
* East Timorese Choir

Vivatimorletste! (Concert Night)
The Metro, 624 George st Sydney
Thursday 15th July 7.30PM til late
Bookings: 9264 2666

* Tim Freedman (of the Whitlams)
* David McCormack (of Custard)
* Stella One-Eleven
* Karma Country
* Lazy Susan
* special East Timorese Guests

8th August -- UN Referendum on East Timorese
self determination.

"We no longer have roots, we have aerials."
 -- McKenzie Wark 

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