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Copyright's Commons 

Copyright's Commons is a coalition devoted to promoting the
public availability of literature, art, music, and film. We
believe that a vibrant public domain is essential to preserving
and building upon our cultural heritage. The recent enactment
of the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act has restricted
access to thousands of works that helped define the twentieth
century and that had been slated to at last enter the public
domain. Copyright's Commons is a collective voice in support
of the effort in Eldred v. Reno to overturn the copyright
extension statute. The case is essentially a fight to enforce
the Constitutional mandate for a "limited" period of copyright
protection—a balance, rather than an indefinitely extended
government monopoly on speech—consistent with the overall
promotion of the public good. 

In keeping with the spirit of the public domain, the case will
be litigated in an "openlaw" format. As the legal arguments
are developed, they will be posted on the web for public
comment and suggestions. You can join this collaborative
project by registering on the openlaw site and then
contributing any thoughts, editing suggestions, or research

Copyright's Commons also endorses the counter-copyright
[cc] campaign as an alternative to the exclusivity of
copyright. The counter-copyright campaign invites others
to use and build upon an author's work. You can show your
support for the public domain by marking your work with
a [cc] and a link to the Copyright's Commons websit

Copyright's Commons maintains this website as a forum for
(public domain, of course) discussions. We welcome all comments. 

[there's more to find..]

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