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<nettime> Contradictions in Cyberspace, Part 1


Last night (May 24th) the Charlie Rose Show (PBS's evening talk-show)  
featured Esther Dyson and three other Silicon Valley "gurus." (One of
whom, Java-man Bill Joy, did a fine job.)

Esther came on very strong for absolutely NO government involvement in
privacy policy at all.

"I don't know what privacy is", says the woman about whom her father said
"I really don't know who she is."

"If there was any way to protect privacy, I'd be all for it, but there
isn't", says the woman who is deeply involved with various commercial
efforts to protect privacy.

"This should be all handled by the marketplace", says the woman who runs
ICANN -- the proto-world-government of the Internet, which is totally
above "market-accountability."

Welcome to contradictions in cyberspace,

Mark Stahlman

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