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<nettime> UKUSA disclosed by Australian Defence Signals Directorate (was [Fwd: :::recode::: Careful, they might hear you])

"Australia has become the first country openly to admit that it takes
part in a global electronic surveillance system that intercepts the
private and commercial international  communications of citizens and
companies from its own and other countries. The disclosure is made today
[ed note Sun 23 May 1999] in Channel 9's Sunday program by Martin Brady,
director of the Defence Signals Directorate in Canberra. 

[ ... ]

In his letter to Channel 9 published today, Mr Brady states that the
Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) ``does cooperate with counterpart
signals intelligence organisations overseas under the UKUSA
relationship". In other statements which have now been made publicly
available on the Internet (, he also says that DSD's
purpose ``is to support Australian Government decision-makers and the
Australian Defence Force with high-quality foreign signals intelligence
products and services. DSD (provides) important information that is not 
available from open sources". "


See also:
			(this one will only last a week, but
			 a full transcript is available as a 
			 link off this page)


PS Also today the Australian senate today (wed 26 may) passed, with the
support of the Liberal/National coalition and two independent senators,
the bill to regulate internet content (effectively; that bit of in
Australian jurisdiction) via the broadcasting tribunal, which otherwises
regulates radio/tv etc. Content that breaches 'guidelines' ie
pornographic can be reported via hotline to ABA which investigates and
then can send a 'take down' notice to the site owner. Apart from speech
issues (Australia has no direct Consitutional protection for freedom of
speech) it also raises economic and internet regulatory concerns.
Autonomous Organisation is planning our own online protest to commence

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