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<nettime> Fwd: Protest against censorship, Sydney May 28th

apologies to those who have seen this:

Attacks on Australians'  freedom        SYDNEY rally
of speech have  been steadily           Friday  May 28th
growing: on the Internet,  with         1pm, Hyde Park  North
films and television, and in
other media.  To protest  this,         Speeches will be followed  by a
events are being  organised             march on the Office of Film and
around Australia on  Friday             Literature Classification and the
May  28th.                              Australian Broadcasting Authority.

Net censorship legislation currently before  Parliament is unparalleled
in the Western world -- and more authoritarian  than that of Malaysia or
Singapore.  It treats the Internet like  television and totally ignores
civil liberties.  It will drastically  restrict adult freedoms, by making
material which is legal in other media  illegal online; it will increase
costs for all Internet users; and it will  damage our economy -- and yet
it will fail dismally at making the Net "safe  for children".

For more details, see

Political interference in the  censorship system is apparent in the attacks
on the films Salo and Lolita,  the Rabelais newspaper case, and attempts
to stack classification review  boards.  And computer games considered
unsuitable for children are  completely illegal in Australia -- there is
no recognition that adult  Australians play computer games.

  Sydney - 1pm Friday  May 28th, Hyde Park North 
  Protest against  censorship

Mark Lipscombe
Information Technology  Manager
Sydnet Group Pty Ltd
Ph:  02 9873 6400  Fax:  02  9873 6411
Web:   --
Net Censorhip = Book Burning in the Digital Age
Stop  the Australian Federal Gov'ts attempts
to censor the Internet.  March on  28/05/99 see:

Help fight censorship Sign the Senate Petition:

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