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Call for international actions against border policy between 6th and 15th
of August 1999

Within the last few years, thousands of refugees and migrants have lost
their lives on the outer Schengen borders: they have drowned in the
Mediterranean or in boundary rivers; they have been hunted to death on the
frontiers; they have been pressured into suicides in detention at the
airports, or killed during deportation. A countless number are hunted on
the frontiers, are arrested, have their money confiscated and within a few
days are deported to the transit country or directly to the country of
origin. "Combat against illegal migration", that is the credo of European
governments; they create and standardize a cruel and often deadly border
policy. But a total seal off is not possible, nor really intended. Young,
single, "productive" workers, without rights because of their illegal
status, are useful for exploitation on the black or third labour market.
The border policy aims at regulating and controlling migration. In
particular, poor refugees, families, all "unproductive" migrants should be
kept out to prevent them from claiming their rights and a better life in

The border policy of Fort Europe is being executed on parallel levels:

1. The rearmament to "protect" the frontiers, technically and in human

Today, infrared cameras, carbon dioxid detectors, tracker dogs, patrol
boats, and helicopters are examples of standard equipment. In Germany, the
highest density of guards in the world is engaged on the Polish and Czech
borders. Their concept of veil investigation and their sphere of authority
are increasing every day. In Austria soldiers patrol along the borders to
Hungary and Slovenia. Italy and Spain have armed themselves with high
speed boats, supported by navy units, to control the Mediterranean. In all
European airports, the border check of people from outside Schengen is
intensified, and detention camps are established to keep unwelcome
migrants until they can be deported. Last but not least, within the last
years, the Schengen Information System (SIS) has been built into a
supranational search coordination. Connected by a centre in Strassbourg,
every border station within Schengen has access to all data concerning
illegalized and deported migrants. SIS is an electronic system of
exclusion. (Euro - Dac...)

2. Involving the population in border security.

Germany in particular is experienced in developing a modern border regime.
Based on racist prejudices, the atmosphere is systematically stirred up.
"Unscrupulous traffickers, their connections to organized crime, the
danger to internal security, and the negative consequences to the social
system of uncontrollable migration" - such images and projections are used
to create a massive sentiment of denouncation. They want all the people
living in these regions to be involved in the hunting down of refugees.

3. Increase of visa regulations, creation of so-called safe third

countries, re-admission agreements, carrier sanctions against
transportation companies... A long list of restrictive laws is being
introduced in most European countries. The standards which first came into
operation through Schengen, will be implemented now in the EU - accords.
New member states will be required to adopt these regulations.
Particularly the East European countries are obliged to adapt their
immigration policy to Schengen/EU standards if they want to become members
of the EU. The eastern borders of Poland and Hungary must get under
control as these states will be used as buffer states.

Struggling against racism in Europe and against the worldwide injustice we
witness every day, originating also in Europe, an offensive fight against
the Schengen border policy is an important duty for humanitarian as well
as political reasons. All over the world thousands of refugees and
migrants die because they are wrecked on brutal border measures. And
everywhere these borders are means to protect a system of exploitation,
and to maintain the disparities in wages and reproduction.

Last year there were various activities against the Schengen borders. The
detention camps by the airports in Brussels, Amsterdam and Frankfurt were
targets of protest demonstrations. Danish activists occupied and hung
custom houses with banners saying "welcome all refugees". "No one is
illegal" and "Open borders" were the deadlines of one-week border action
camps which took place on the Austrian-Hungarian border and on the
German-Polish border. "Free passage on the Mediterranean" was the demand
of the participants in a ship demonstrating crossing from Italy to
Albania. To continue and to strengthen these beginnings, to intensify and
to internationalize a common struggle against border policy, we call upon
all anti racist groups in Europe and beyond to participate in
international actions between the 6th and the 15th of August 99.

Up to now - May 25th - we know about the following actions and events in
this week:

* Summer border camp in the triangle Poland, Czechia, Germany near Zittau.
A strong international participation is expected. On the 7th of August
there will be a common action of polish and german groups.
* Action camp near the german-danish border from August 6th to 8th.
* More events in other countries are being planned and will be published


AG3F - Metzgerstra▀e 8 - 63450 Hanau - Germany
phone & fax: 0049-6181-184892

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