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<nettime> 'refused classification' call for artwork (was: australian anti-autonomous antipathy)

Geert Lovink wrote:
> good good! tell us what we could do

Per my previous message about the BROADCASTING SERVICES AMENDMENT
(ONLINE SERVICES) BILL 1999; this is is more specific about the sort of
collaboration we seek with artists in Australian and Overseas.

What Autonomous Organisation essentially hopes to do is to publish
deliberately provocative material, e.g stuff based on porn, erotic
texts, art work concerning sex-death and other taboo matters, blasphemy,
extreme speech, Government secrets and political matters, and other like
matter. Our preference is for detournement of the material, for artistic
and quasi-legalistic reasons. even just one picture/story/contribution
if that's all you've got time for is great!

We would also like to use our namespace to contain a number of
autonomously run sites. We'd like to ask people to donate small amounts
of webspace and a single IP to the namespace. We point to which contains whatever you like about the
above. You have full access to our archives as items are contributed to

We're looking at not just porn either -- information e.g anarchists
cookbook; also in the 80s i remember a panphlett i read called "beyond
NATO and the Warsaw Pact" or somesuch.  it discussed how to organise a
civilian militia defence against, ostensibly the invading warsaw pact
armies, -- it had stuff like how to build a tank-trap, military tactics
at demos, and things like that, if anyone can source an electronic copy
of this i'd love it! bomb plans, political and other polemics, anything
of that nature is also considered.

When it comes to the crunch, we are considering using the envelope of
technology to counter the law. even after they "take down" our own sites
internally and even e.g. mirrors of it (obviously by forcing the issue
on me as a person), how will the law cope with the idea that all we
control in australia is a DNS entry in an international domain that
points to an offensive site and our own website just redirects you
there? Any ideas that may help us with this final defence are also


PS please pass this email along to others who may be interested, its
probably better at explaining the practical whys and wherefores of the
help we seek than the original announcement.

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