Veran Matic on Sat, 29 May 1999 09:45:30 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Dear friends of B92

Dear friends of B92:

The 10-year anniversary of the Radio B92 has been recently marked
world-wide by NetAid programme in which you have taken part as well -
as participants, organisers and listeners. Despite the ban imposed by
the regime, the B92 team has carried on with its work on various
projects recognisable by their characteristic spirit which has been
shaped for the last ten years. Not only some 200 associates of the
Radio B92, but a huge number of people around the world as well, who
have been taking part in similar actions and B92 projects, embody this
spirit. B92 itself has taken in this spirituality typical of a whole
range of world-wide programmes and initiatives launched by those
people who have been engaged in projects concerning the fight against
violence and injustice and who actively take part in creating a better
and more humane world. Such a creative and very well attended
celebration of the B92 anniversary is an encouraging signal that the
station shall be back on the air again and that it would keep offering
reliable and professional coverage and information about the
sufferings of all the people in the Balkans, the exodus of the
refugees, the plight of the civilians and this senseless destruction.
B92 shall propose and initiate the projects for putting an end to
violence, return of all the refugees to their homes and reconstruction
of what has been destroyed. This shall be achieved by joining the
European and world-wide integrating processes. B92 shall investigate
extensively and analyse in a comprehensive manner the responsibility
for the evil that has been done, and thus contribute to the
realisation of the denazification programme.

I thank to all of those who have taken part in the project marking the
10-year anniversary of B92, who have helped and participated in
offering resistance to this madness. The "shelter" which the Internet
can provide for all of those whose communication with others has been
hampered and restricted has proved to be an extremely important area
for preserving freedom and creating room to fight for freedom. B92
shall continue with its efforts to advance and further such use of the
Internet even more than before. This is why the communication and
interconnection via Internet with any other part of the world,
especially those regions where the wars are being fought and which are
being bombed and isolated in other ways, must not be restricted or
disrupted in any way. Unobstructed communication is a prerequisite for
further development of democracy.

Thanks to you all,
Veran Matic

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