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<nettime> Re: help with russian translation?

drar Stefan,

if nobody has replied by now:  

At 10:50 19.05.1999 -0500, Stefan Wray wrote:
>I found this article about the Electronic Disturbance Theater
>in what appears to be Russian.
>Computer News

it is not Russian but Bulgarian.  i'm afraid i can't understand the story
to the detail (although i know some Russian), but basically it's as follows:

title: Hacktivists Unite with Activists

Nov. 23, 1998

ComputerNews already wrote about the was that has been waged in the
electronic space.  For those who did not follow news or forgot, around a
month ago the NYT web site was attacked.  The target was the first page of
the popular site, with advertisements.  Then it was explained that those
involved in such affairs were called hacktivists (as an analogy with
activists and hackers).

This week a gathering of a thousand protesters in front of Fort Benning is
expecetd.  Demonstrations are expected in front of School of the Americas,
a US Army center.

Meanwhile, in the cyberspace, a group called Electronic Disturbance Theater
expect support from thousands of users of the net in an online ... (i don't
know what the word "stachka" means) at the site of School of Americas.

Electronic Disturbance Theater is a group for electronic protest which
struggles against ... of politics in Mexico.

In order to attract attention to the event, hacktivists have tried to
temporarily remove websites by asking demonstrators to ... malicious ...
called FloodNet.

The webpage of FloodNet contains a Java applet configured to log in and ...
web sites every 3 seconds.  These automated logins known as "denial of
service" are attacks aimed at overloading the given site.


hope this makes some sense


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