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<nettime> MAAP residency opportunities (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 31 May 1999 11:06:29 +1000
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Subject: MAAP residency opportunities


project title: 

for ARTISTS from ASIA PACIFIC REGION/AUSTRALIA is an on-line residency project aimed at generating dialogue, exchange, and collaboration within Australia and the Asia Pacific, hosted by Multimedia Art Asia Pacific for the MAAP99 Festival, and funded by the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council. The dominant application of the WWW is an extension of 'the real', a space which either simulates the real (a 'hyper-real'), or a space which displaces the real, disembodying its users. However it is information that moves instead of the body. Smart machines create new spaces for body and mind. 

Rather than run 'real' residencies which result in artists making works for the web, is a habitation of the web, where the internet is used as a beginning point, a space from which to proceed, to commence a dialogue, to speak an idea, to live and work. Artists are invited to be on-line in multiple capacities, such as through live  netcast, chat lines, written texts, imgaes, programmed code, sound and software sculptures. The site will be an on-line studio, work-in-progress, an electronic evolution of artistic presence. A central characteristic of the Internet is its connectivity, its network, a mechanism and medium of information sharing and exchange, made for multiple users and for multiple deliveries. will be a space of collaboration where participating artists will build the site together over time. The project may not be fully completed at the time of the MAAP99 Festival in September. Once artists have been selected, more detailed time frames and work!
ing methodologies will be negotiated.

There will be four participating artists (from the Asia Pacific/Australia region).
Artists will be supplied with software from MACROMEDIA - Dreamweaver 2, Director 7, Fireworks2, Flash4, Freehand8, Generator and software from METACREATIONS - Infini-D 4.5, Ray Dream Studio 5, Office Advantage, Ray Dream 3D, KPT5, Painter 5.5 Web Edition, Poser 3, Bryce 4, Canoma, Painter 3D, Headline Studio LogoMotion 2.1 (commercial value approx. $10000) Artists will be given server space (15MB/negotiable) Technical support, advice and project management will be available through Jeffrey Sams, ( MAAP's web manager. Artists will be flown to Brisbane for the MAAP99 Festival (3-12 September, 1999), including accommodation and artists fee. 

curatorial team: Kim Machan , Beth Jackson, Amanda McDonald Crowley 
project manager: Jeff Sams
In submitting a proposal applicants are invited to outline their online experience; artistic and technical experience; any specialist skills; and express an interest in collaboration. 
Please include your C.V. and any relevant URL's . 

send to ( subject:
Application deadline 18 June 1999


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