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[Nettime-nl] Zomercursus Playstation meets Organism

From: Justine Smithuis <Justine.Smithuis@Felix.Meritis.NL>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 14:56:21 +0200

Summer seminar
Playstation meets Organism: Emulation in a Cultural Context
1-3 September 2000, Amsterdam
The Amsterdam-Maastricht Summer University
in association with Mediamatic Foundation (Amsterdam)

	The notion of emulation has recently gained new actuality, for
example in game design, artificial life, sociology, biology and culture. In
this seminar the meaning of emulation in these different discourses will be
discussed, while exploring emulators and practical uses of emulation.

	The first day will focus
on popular discourses in biology and artificial life, the second on
emulation in the context of art, specifically new media art, and for the
third day computer games and game design will be the central issue. Among
the lecturers are biologists, art critics and theorists of new media such as
George Dyson, Lev Manovich, Hiroshi Masuyama, Tom McCarthy, Trevor Pinch and
Tom Ray. Apart from the intellectual debate, participants will be able to
revitalize themselves in real floating tanks and to experiment with computer
games. Furthermore, the participants will have free access to the cultural
and social evening programme in the building of Felix Meritis and in Club
BABY. This seminar is intended for free-floating academics and joy-stick

	More detailed information is available at our website

or by email at

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