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[Nettime-nl] doors 6, 11-13 november 2000, RAI, Amsterdam


Doors of Perception 6 on 'lightness' 
11,12,13 November 2000 

Registration has opened for Doors of Perception 6, the 
international conference that sets design agendas for the 
internet. The theme this year is lightness. 

Buckminster Fuller investigated 'ephemeralisation' in the 
1930s == the design approach of doing more, using less 

Who, in an age of obese software, and energy-guzzling 
industrial systems, is Bucky Fuller's equal as an 
innovator today? Your suggestions are welcome (see below). 
Speakers already confirmed for November are:

MALCOM MCCULLOUGH, the author of Abstracting Craft; he 
will contrast 'anytime/anyplace' communications with 
design for location awareness.

WINY MAAS, of MVRDV, the architect of the Dutch pavilion 
at Expo2000, and author of Far_max:excursions on density.

ADRIAAN BEUKERS,the author of Lightness; he will explore 
the way  biomimicry and the synergy of multiple materials 
makes lightness work.

MAYA DRAISIN and TIFFANY SHLAIN, who organise the Webbys, 
the 'Oscars of the internet', will review the best of this 
year's Webby winners.

HANI RASHID, principal of Asymptote in New York, will 
explore, with stunning examples, how hybrid real and 
virtual spaces are co-evolving.

ALEXANDER ROSE, director of The Long Now Foundation, will 
talk about the Rosetta Disk project == a melding of 
digital tools for analog storage. 

ENG LOCK LEE, of SuperSymmetry Services, in Singapore, is 
"the world's master of the new design mentality in fluid 
handling" (Paul Hawken).

SUGATA MITRA, from the Centre for Cognitive Systems in 
Bombay, will describe what illiterate street children do 
with internet access.

BRUCE STERLING, the writer and critic, is also leader of 
the Viridians == an online discussion community that 
connects 'eco' and 'info'.

MICHAEL DOUGLAS, an Australian designer, has spent three 
years developing 'Tramjatra', a project to do with 
Calcutta, trams, and lightness.

IVO JANSSEN, the pianist who wowed Doors 4 on 'speed.' 
will explore lightness through the music of Dutch composer 

WARNING: Also included in a Doors 6 ticket: un-filled 
time!You are the content, too. Doors of Perception does 
not run on internet time.

IF YOU KNOW who the next Bucky Fuller of the internet is, 

This new event is a 'bazaar' of new concepts by graduate 
design schools and new media centres from the US, Europe 
and South Asia. It runs next to Doors on 12 and 13 
November. 48 stands are grouped in themes: 
'beyond the screen','fun and games','connected community'.

E-cult Affair  is organised by Virtual Platform == a club 
of Holland's eight buzziest new media organisations
(including Doors).  No url as yet. 

Doors of Perception 6 dates : 11,12,13 November 2000 
Pleae note: one day later than previously announced 
Place: Amsterdam. Location: RAI Conference Centre 
Register now at 

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