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nettime-nl: Get Hypercompetitive Now!

	Do you feel like you're losing your edge?
	Find it difficult to get going in the morning?
	Is the fellow in the next office always beating
	you to the coffee machine?
	Is your biomechanical clock running down too fast?
	Or is the whole idea of fitness just a little bit
	too frightening for you?

The Time's Up team of fine young Luddites has gone the extra mile for you
and developed radically new training methods based upon T.H.H. Boykett's
'Theory of Hypercompetition' to help you regain your edge and start this
fall with a tightly wound biomechanical clock.

Join us at the V2_Fitness_Parlour for a good work-out and some leisurely
hypertainment in our Temporary Autonomous Zportsbar.

Find us at:

Eendrachtsstraat 10
3012 XL Rotterdam
tel. 0031-10-2067272

at the following times:

Friday 18th September  18.00hrs - Sunday 20th 18.00hrs (48 hours!)

Tuesday 22nd - Saturday  26th - 18.00hrs - 23.00hrs

Hypercompetition for Beginners is part of the 24-7 project of 'September in
Rotterdam' (= the entire Witte de Withstraat area open day and night,
non-stop, Friday till Sunday)

And remember: Make-up works wonders, but sweat works miracles!

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