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nettime-nl: [n5m3-debates] netcenter on herengracht, amsterdam

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From: moritz meinesz <>

we are planing a center for internet related gatherings in the shop
rooms of  Herengracht 243a in Amsterdam.
This should include an internet cafe with weekly opening hours and free
net access for people to use. If you are interested in taking part in
the project, please reply. In particular we are looking for:

- Media people
- Art/Design people
- Operators
- Hardware/Software people, for installing/administering the equippement

- Hardware donations. The idea is to use -and not only talk about- low
tech as on N5M3. If you have Monitors, 386ers, 486ers or network cards
you/your company does not need any more we would be thankful, if you let
us know.

If you fall into one of these categories, and think, this is a good
idea, give me a reply,

Moritz Meinesz
Fon 06 50 625 209

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