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Re: nettime-nl: Debra Solomon op Staats TV/Robotnik

At 10:38 23-3-99 +0100, Geert Lovink wrote:
>For those of you in the Amsterdam area,
> on Wednesday night 25 

24 March

> on Salto TV

A1, Amsterdam 1 (UHF 26)
 times: or

>, Staats TV Rabotnik, there will be an interview 
>with Debra Solomon, discussion of various digital/aesthetic/network 
>issues, and some glimpses of her work. Please tune in.

Outside of the Amsterdam area (rest of the planet): 
Salto's public access TV channels Amsterdam 1 (& A2)
 can also be watched with RealVideo
 in the Digital LivingRoom DHK 1.0.

Enter this virtual room via
 read the instructions, 
and 'zapp' to preset channel 11 or 41
(tip: click right-mouse button on the realvideo screen
 for zooming to full monitor-screen)

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