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nettime-nl: Book release/ EATING BRAZIL


Friday the 9th of July, in the LIVING ROOM at:
Ertskade 63, Amsterdam.
tel: 020-4193953.
Time: 18.00 hours.
Introduction by Harm Tilman.

Eat Brazil. That is the credo of this book. Do not try to understand its
culture, for that would be a little absurd. Do not try to comprehend its
economy or to grasp its order, for that is hopeless. There is only one way
to go. Eat Brazil up. Consume its landscape. Devour its cities. Make a
ceremony of it. Slice the masses into sacral pieces and invent ritual
sequences. Learn, as the Brazilians have learned, to digest this country as
it is - sweet and promiscuous, crude and unapproachable, enormous and
endless. Accept the supremacy of the body sacrosanct. We Europeans must
summon up our courage and relinquish our resistance. This book offers its
help, in the form of a mental dinner.

editors: John Bosch, Juliette van der Meijden, Maurice Nio, Wim Nijenhuis,
Nathalie de Vries.
Text: Wim Nijenhuis
Design: Maurice Nio
Translation>english: Joseph Vincent
Translation>portuguese: Juliette van der Meijden
Editorial advice: Michael Speaks

Photographic material and texts: John Bosch, Evert Crols, Jerry van Eyck,
Michael van Gessel, Peter Hopman, Huub Juurlink, Branimir Medic, Juliette
van der Meijden, Maurice Nio, Wim Nijenhuis, Ton Salman, Nathalie de Vries,
Enno Zuidema.

Financial Support: 
The Netherlands Foundation of Fine Arts, Design and Architecture, Amsterdam
The Netherlands Architecture Fund, Rotterdam.

1999 the authers & 010 publishers, Rotterdam.

Rio de Janeiro/ Brasilia/ Belo Horizonte/ Sao Paulo.
aproximately 150 images in full colour and text.

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