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nettime-nl: At the Edge: TNI Festival of Ideas

AT THE EDGE: Towards a 21st Century Internationalism
11-13 November 1999, De Balie, Amsterdam

The Transnational Institute (TNI)  -- a world-wide network of
scholar-activists with its central office in Amsterdam -- is pleased to
announce the programme for its upcoming Festival of Ideas to be held in
Amsterdam this week.

Over the course of the event, some of today's most respected and
influential thinkers will address current and pressing issues from a
progressive transnational perspective. The programme reflects the
philosophy behind TNI, our thrust for the future and offers an important
opportunity for reflection on activist thinking, past and future.

AT THE EDGE is a political stock taking - a chance to examine the global
political landscape at the start of the twenty first century. The emphasis
will not only be on examining political and economical dilemmas but also on
considering activism and the possibilities for resistance. This is a timely
appraisal as the festival coincides with the tenth anniversary of the Fall
of the Wall, a crucial political turning point.

A selection of topics and speakers among the 28 sessions:
* Globalisation and its Contradictions (Fred Halliday)
* NATO after Kosovo (Cora Weiss, Praful Bidwai, Dan Plesch)
* US Hegemony and US Alignment (Samir Amin, Candido Grybowski, Dot Keet)
* The UN at the Edge (Jose Ramos Horta, Phyllis Bennis)
* The Pinochet Case (Geoffrey Bindman, John Hugard, Juan Garces)
* Humanitarian Intervention and Contemporary Wars (Dan Smith, Mariano Aguirre)
* Global Transformations (Andre Gunder Frank, Samir Amin, Jan Nederveen
* What Future the Nation State? (Boris Kargalitsky, Jochen Hippler, Tom Nairn)
* The Seattle WTO Negotiations (Walden Bello, Susan George, Ilke Schroeder)
* Talking Art and Contemporary Politics (Ariel Dorfman, Saul Landau, Ari
* The Third Way and the Need for a New Politics (Anthony Barnett, Joost
* US Politics Today (Marcus Raskin)
* The Lugano Report (Susan George, Howard Wachtel)
* King: a Street Story (John Berger)
* A Temporary Autonomous Zone (a catwalk of ongoing campaigns)

For a detailed programme visit

Registration for the entire festival costs fl. 100,--
Registration at the Balie: 020 5535100 between 14.00 and 20.00, or directly
via the TNI website.

It is also possible to buy tickets for individual sessions. However, this
is subject to availability and is only possible from November 11th.
Individual day sessions fl. 10,--; Evening sessions fl. 12,50.

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