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nettime-nl: Triple X festival, Amsterdam 18-28 November 99

Date: Sun, 14 Nov 1999 18:49:58 +0100
From: Triple X <>

Triple X
Unexpected experiences

>From Thursday 18th until Sunday 28th of November 1999 Triple X will
>present "the highlights" of eleven orchestrated evenings" featuring
>amongst others Marina Abramovic, Blast Theory, Claude Wampler and Marcel
>Li Antunez and an exhibition with the title (rec) cycling moments. The
>event takes place on the site of the Westergasfabriek.

Triple X presents events for dedicated fans. Unreliable events, because the
audience doesn't always get what he or she expects. Triple X will be
presenting original international theatre performances and
multidisciplinary art forms that explore limits and preferably go beyond
all limits. A central focus point of all Triple X festivals is common
denominator in contemporary performing arts, music and visual arts. The
performances and other art share are more or less critical note on
contemporary theatre and visual arts practices.

The exhibition of visual arts entitled (re)cycling moments will present the
works by artists who are in their work concerned with issues like natural
elements such as growth, cyclic processes, the relation between the human
body and a specific space, the re-use of existing material and time-based
art like performance.

The following artists and performers have been selected: Blast Theory (UK),
Marcel Li Antunez (SP), BMB.Con (UK/NL), Claude Wampler (USA), Paddy
Matthews (UK/NL), Marina Abramovic (Montenegro/NL), Martin Arnold (A),
Dennis Bellone (USA), Anne Daems (B), Anya Gallaccio (UK), Harrison & Wood
(UK), Lieselot IJsendoorn (NL), Barbara Woutermaertens (B), London
Electricity (UK), DJ Si Cut and Bit Tonic, Freeform, Waveform Graphics
[UK], Bask (A), Mingo Accessoirs (A), dj's Elechicks (NL), Unelma Vjay
Collectief (NL), dj Serge (NL),  Sofa Surfers (A), Fat Cat records with
Antenna Farm, Di Lacuna, Foehn, dj's Jamy en Alex (UK), Funckarma (NL),
Neven (B),  Swayzak (UK) and Vjays Dept (NL).

In co-operation with the Dutch label Tree-Top the CD Conjunction will be
presented with contributions of artists who have performed at Triple X in
the last years.

All printed matters of Triple X are designed by the designerscollective
Dept from Amsterdam.

For the press more information (photo's, video's etc.) about the different
artists is available on request. Of course the artists are available for
Triple X presents the highlights of eleven orchestrated evenings from 18
t/m 28 November (except Monday 22 November)
Location: Westergasfabriek - Public transport: Tram 3, Bus 18, 22 & 28
stop Haarlemmerplein, tram 10 stop van Limburg Stirumstraat.
Open: (re) cycling moments daily from 17.00h tot 20.15h, performances daily
at 20.30h, music program on 18, 19, 21, 26 en 28 November from 22.00h until
Tickets for (re) cycling moments f 5,00, music program f 22,50  (f 20,-
CJP, Stadspas, Pas 65+ en collegekaart), performances f 22,50 (f 20, - CJP,
Stadspas, Pas 65+ en collegekaart) and  Marina Abramovic f 35,00  (f 30,-
CJP, Stadspas, Pas 65+ en collegekaart) .

For more information you are invited to contact Triple X.
Hay Schoolmeesters 31.20.4205316 email:,

Stichting Triple X
Contemporary Investigative Arts
van Diemenstraat 410 - 1013 CR Amsterdam The Netherlands
tel. +31.20.4205316 fax +31.20.6389160
Email: - URL:

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