Eveline Lubbers on Mon, 29 Nov 1999 22:50:00 +0100 (CET)

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nettime-nl: Jam Echolon nog *een* keer dan

Destijds hebben we met een paar mensen helemaal
uitgezocht hoe het verhaal over Jam Echelon nou in de
wereld kwam, en er zit inderdaad een wat rechtse-conspiracy-
hoek aanvast. Dat is aan die rare combi van trefwoorden al te zien.
Daarnaast zijn Netactivisten het er niet over eens of dit
nou een zinnige aktie is (zie kommentaar onderaan) maar die
Jam-Echelon dag heeft er wel voor gezorgd dat heel veel meer
mensen nu weten wat Echelon is.
Als je het nog niet weet kun je op de site van buro Jansen & Janssen
kijken naar het nieuwe boek (ook op papier uit) 
Luisterrijk, een gids over afluisteren.
Hieronder nog een keer de naspeuringen naar de herkomst van
de Jam-Echelon dag samengevat in het Engels.
eveline lubbers,
jansen & janssen

it seemed that Wired wrote a very hasty article on the
Jam Echelon Day at first and needed to correct it four times.
Latest version is at

Jam Echelon Day is on 21 october, this is the right day.

The idea originated at the hacktivism mailing list.


Linda Thompson from the American Justice Federation falsely claimed 
the iniative, but Wired wrote it anyway. The mailinglist complained
and Wired corrected. Little later they had to find out the American
Justice Federation is an extreme right thing -( that's what our friends
here found out.)

The American Justice Federation has no site, Linda Thompson email is 
bama@latrading.net. Some older info on American Justice
Federation can be found in a report by the Anti-Defamation League (1994):


en dan had Ted Byfield uit NY er nog een paar verstandige dingen
over te zeggen:
(met links onderaan)

fyi, the idea of doing it *for a day* may have originated on the
hacktivism mailing list, but the idea is close to a decade old--
it's called 'spook fodder.' tim may, author of the 'cyphernomi-
con,'[1] has been putting a block of 'interesting' words in his
.sig for at least seven years (see, for example, the cypherpunks
archive[2]); lots of other people have, too--i remember seeing
X-Spook-Fodder headers in email years ago.

like most 'hacktivist' projects, it's amazingly naive. if indeed
this action will cause problems for echelon etc., the people who
run it (and other such systems) will be well prepared to circum-
vent *one day* of technical difficulties--because, of course, they 
know about the action in advance. but it *won't* cause them prob-
lems, afaik, because NSA analysis techniques aren't based on sim-
ple dictionary searches of signal streams; on the contrary, if
this action has any effect at all, it will probably be as a nicely
defined case study for analyzing vectors of transmission and met-
rics of participation and of what people *think* is 'threatening'
to the establishment. that kind of an argument is never a good
reason *not* to do something, that's not my point in saying it.

echelon is an ongoing problem, and it's only very dimly understood.
has anyone actually bothered to review the US Patent and Trade Of-
fice patents filed on behalf of the NSA to *see* what techniques
the NSA might be using? i haven't, but i'm told they're there[3]--
and that they're much more oblique and sophisticated than just
grepping for text. the recent announcement that the CIA is spon-
soring a venture capital firm[4] suggests a much weaker link in
the intelligence establishment--that their efforts to function ef-
fectively forces them to reveal some of their technqiues indirect-
ly, through patent filings and so on. 

doing kind of thing would be much more useful that misleading tens
of thousands people into thinking they're making a difference when
they're not--and letting them sit back after a hard day of 'hack-
tivism' to rest in a false sense of security.

[1] http://www.inet-one.com/cypherpunks/
[2] http://www.oberlin.edu/~brchkind/cyphernomicon/cyphernomicon.contents.html
[3] http://www.uspto.gov/
[4] http://www.wired.com/news/news/politics/story/22004.html

said maurice, see:

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