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forwarding two SF MOMA press releases for "010101" which opened this
morning. the later lists events associated with this exhibition.


Web Site Includes Commissioned Artworks, In-Depth Background and Special

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, January 1, 2001-At one minute after midnight (P.S.T.)
this morning, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), in
collaboration with Intel Corporation, launched the online portion of
010101: Art in Technological Times at and, the art education Web site presented by Intel. 010101
charts recent and commissioned work in a wide range of media by over 35
contemporary artists, architects and designers*from North America, Europe
and Asia*who are responding to a world altered by the increasing presence of
digital media and technology.
Central to the exhibition Web site are five online artworks commissioned by
SFMOMA; in addition, a series of interactive public programs, online
discussion forums and in-depth supplemental information provide background
on the artists and also investigate key concepts in their work. Following
today's launch, the site will continue to grow and evolve as a seamless and
integral part of the exhibition, the physical component of which opens in
the SFMOMA galleries on March 3 and will be on view through July 8, 2001.
SFMOMA Director David A. Ross stated, "The future has arrived! What could be
a more fitting first art exhibition of the new millennium than an online
presentation of  important  new works of art in this budding medium. From
the inception of the 010101 project, we have maintained that all of its art
be presented as the artists intended: online works should be experienced
through individual interaction with a computer just as art created for a
physical space should be encountered in the museum galleries."
 "The challenge for everyone was how to blend the best capabilities of the
Internet with the on-site gallery portion of 010101 in order to increase
access while enriching the experience of the exhibition," added Vince
Thomas, Intel's Executive Producer of "The results are
exciting: the 010101 Web site is a performance space, a forum for accessing
public programs, a gallery for viewing online art, a primer on all the
artists and works in the show, as well as a way for visitors to participate
by contributing their own ideas and opinions."
The overall exhibition, including both the online and on-site components,
was designed by Perimetre-Flux of San Francisco in collaboration with the
010101 team of curators and designers.

Since the Internet may be the ultimate expression of a culture obsessed with
data and heady with the ability to access, borrow, manipulate and distribute
images, SFMOMA commissioned five international pioneers in the burgeoning
field of online art to create new works for 010101. Mark Napier's Feed uses
a Web search spider to read pages and images entered by the user, then runs
the pages' color values through various algorithms to produce luminous color
displays. Eden.Garden 1.0  from the Belgium-based team of Auriea Harvey and
Michaël Samyn (known as Entropy8Zuper!)*recent winners of the inaugural
SFMOMA Prize for Excellence in Online Art-continues in the immersive, highly
personal vein of the pair's earlier works. A visit to e-poltergeist, by the
British team Thomson & Craighead, prompts the delivery of code that
generates random sound bites and launches unlimited windows from preselected
URLs*leaving the impression of a mischievous "ghost in the machine." Erik
Adigard's Timelocator offers an interface where visual information is
directly and graphically affected by the passing of time. And Matthew
Ritchie's The New Place continues his investigation into the nature and
topography of information through a mythic universe of superhero-like
characters and all-too-human dramas. In-depth information on each
artist-including biographical details, personal statements and related Web
links-appears in the site's "About the Artists" section, which will expand
in the coming months to include similar content for all 010101 artists.

Interactive Features
Another section of the Web site presents seven broad themes-Anonymity,
Technology, Detritus, Nomadism, Identity, Sprawl and Reality-which the
curators have selected to reflect various issues raised by the work in the
exhibition. Within each theme, a "Think Text" appears to which visitors are
invited to respond; subsequent visitors can then comment on other users'
responses, creating an ever-growing dialogue that is accessible through an
innovative visual network of links. The original text in each theme will
change from time to time, allowing for new dialogues to grow, while previous
exchanges remain archived and accessible on the site.
As the name implies, "Think Texts" are simply texts for visitors to
contemplate. They appear randomly throughout the Web site-as well as in the
gallery presentation and catalogue-offering users an ever-changing series of
historical flashbacks, critical commentaries, humorous observations, and
philosophical ruminations on technology, art and society. Intended to
provide both context and multiple perspectives, the Think Texts are drawn
from a wide variety of modern and contemporary sources, including popular
culture and fiction; historians and critics; artists, designers, and other
cultural producers; Web sites; technologists; philosophers; and others.
Among the site's most innovative interactive features is a series called
"SiteStreaming: Online Tours by Artists." Starting in January, online
artists will appear at the Museum for live demonstrations of their sites and
discussion with an 010101 curator. Following the presentations, new
Web-streaming technologies will link the artists' recorded remarks to
streaming, archived online tours of their work, enabling visitors to the
010101 Web site to experience an online artist-guided tour on demand. At
launch, the site will present a SiteStreaming tour by Curator of
Architecture, Design and Digital Projects Aaron Betsky of online works from
the SFMOMA permanent collection currently found on, the virtual
gallery at The first SiteStreaming event, featuring Thomson
& Craighead in dialogue with Curator of Media Arts Benjamin Weil, will take
place at SFMOMA on January 11. A second SiteStreaming Tour with Erik Adigard
and Betsky is scheduled for February 22. Additional tours, as well as other
events online and on site at SFMOMA will be announced later, with notices
posted in the "Programs/Resources" section of the site.
* * *

010101: Art in Technological Times is organized by the San Francisco Museum
of Modern Art. It is being presented by Intel Corporation. The exhibition is
made possible by Collectors Forum, an auxiliary of the San Francisco Museum
of Modern Art. Airline transportation generously provided by American
Airlines. Media Sponsors: The Mercury News, and

Intel, the world's largest chip maker, is also a leading manufacturer of
computer, networking and communication products.  Additional information
about Intel is available at ( is an online museum gallery and art
education site presented by Intel Corporation., in
collaboration with leading museums, artists and educational institutions,
seeks to extend and enhance the reach, availability and understanding of art
in all its forms via the unique strengths and attributes of the Internet.

Perimetre-Flux ( is an interdisciplinary
communication design agency that serves clients internationally from its
offices in San Francisco. The agency provides the full spectrum of digital
agency services including: corporate identity development, web
site/application development from strategic planning through implementation,
and proprietary software application development for clients in the museum,
publishing, software, electronics and tourism industries. Perimetre-Flux
places special emphasis on interpretive and multi-venue projects.

* * *

Hours: Open daily (except Wednesdays) 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.; open late Thursdays
until 9 p.m.; summer hours (Memorial Day to Labor Day) 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.;
closed Wednesdays and the following public holidays: Fourth of July,
Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.
Admission prices: Adults $9; seniors $6; students $5. SFMOMA members and
children twelve and under are admitted free. The first Tuesday of each month
admission is free. Thursday evenings, 6 to 9 p.m., admission is half price.

SFMOMA is easily accessible by MUNI, BART, Golden Gate Transit, SamTrans and
Caltrain. Hourly, daily and monthly parking is available at the SFMOMA
Garage at 147 Minna Street. For parking information, call 415/348-0971.

Visit our Web site at or call 415/357-4000 for more

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is a private, not-for-profit
institution supported by its members, individual contributors to Donor
Circle, corporate and foundation support, federal and state government
grants and admission revenues. Annual programming is sustained through the
generosity of Grants for the Arts/San Francisco Hotel Tax Fund and The James
Irvine Foundation. Thursday evening half-priced admission is sponsored by
Banana Republic. Reduced admission for seniors is sponsored by Pacific Bell.
KidstART free admission for children twelve and under is made possible by
The Charles Schwab Corporation Foundation. Additional support has been
provided by Benjamin McKendall Jr., 1999 Carole and Robert McNeil Docent
Award recipient.
# # #

Lynne Kimura, PR Associate
151 Third Street
San Francisco, CA 94103-3159
FAX: 415.947.1176
PHONE: 415.357.4176

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Please note:  The January 18 performance/webcast  by Betalounge has been
cancelled.  All other events remain as scheduled.


In conjunction with its far-reaching exhibition 010101:Art in Technological
Times, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), in collaboration
with Intel Corporation, will present a parallel slate of events that further
explores artistic responses to the omnipresence of digital media and
technology. On site and online, 010101 events will include a symposium, live
art performances, artist presentations and a digital video symposium and
screenings, in addition to the Museum's regular schedule of docent tours and
education programs.
One 010101 innovation will be SiteStreaming, a groundbreaking use of
Web-streaming technology to provide online "tours" of many of the
exhibition's five Web-based commissions. Each SiteStream tour will originate
as an event at the Museum, with the digital creators of 010101 Web
artworks¾Thomson & Craighead, Erik Adigard/M.A.D., Mark Napier and Matthew
Ritchie¾joining SFMOMA curators for live demonstrations of their 010101
projects, using a live web connection to lead the audience through their
work in real time. Following these presentations, archived versions of these
events adapted for use online will go up on the exhibition Web site
accessible at and, an online museum
gallery presented by Intel. Streaming audio of the artists' commentaries
will be linked with the URLs used in the demonstration in a "slave browser
window" in sync with the audio stream, resulting in an online, guided tour
of the Web art discussed.
The entire 010101 online component will launch at one minute after midnight,
January 1, 2001, while over two dozen installations, video works, sound
pieces and digital projects, as well as examples of more traditional media,
will go on view in the SFMOMA galleries from March 3 through July 8, 2001.
For complete, up-to-date information, please visit

SiteStreaming: Online Tours by Artists
Thursday, January 11 o 7 p.m. o Phyllis Wattis Theater
The Ghost in the Machine: A SiteStream Tour with Thomson & Craighead
Online art pioneers Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead, a London-based
art-making team, join curator Benjamin Weil for a tour of e-poltergeist,
their new project that transforms computer code into an erratic, mischievous
"ghost in the machine."

Friday, February 22 o 7 p.m. o Phyllis Wattis Theater
Framing Time: A SiteStream Tour with Erik Adigard
Bay Area-based designer Erik Adigard and curator Aaron Betsky introduce the
artist's 010101 project, Timelocator. Rich with vibrant juxtapositions of
text and imagery, Adigard's interface responds visibly to the passage of
time and implicates the very conditions of experiencing content online.

Thursday, March 8 o 7 p.m. o Phyllis Wattis Theater
Feed: A SiteStream Tour with Mark Napier
Mark Napier is known throughout the online art community as the mastermind
behind and the creator of noted online works such as
Shredder and the Digital Landfill, projects that looked critically,
ironically and insightfully at the World Wide Web, its endless sprawl, its
coded understructures and its visual surfaces. Here he joins curator
Benjamin Weil for a conversation about the world of the Web and a tour of
his work, including Feed, his commissioned online piece for 010101.

$12 general; $10 SFMOMA members, students with ID and seniors.

Full information on a May SiteStream Tour with Matthew Ritchie will be
announced as the exhibition continues. See Web site for details.

Saturday, March 3 o 1-6 p.m. o Phyllis Wattis Theater
Speaking in Technological Tongues: 010101, the Work and the Artists
Structured loosely around themes related to the exhibition, this symposium
will focus on dialogues and interviews with a number of artists in 010101,
touching on their work and ideas, the issues  raised by the show and the
situation of museums and other institutions seeking to adapt to the
increasing influx of technology into the arts.

$10 general; $5 SFMOMA members, students with ID and seniors.

Thursday, January 18 o 8 p.m. -12 a.m. o The Schwab Room
Beta Lounge
In conjunction with 010101, Beta Lounge¾the longest-running live electronic
music event on the Web¾broadcasts live from SFMOMA. Part radio show, part
television special and part underground party, the Beta Lounge is a new
music showcase that features the innovative work of internationally renowned
sound artists. Past participants have included DJ Fluid, Sound Lab, and
Travis. For more information, call 415/357-4081, e-mail, or visit

Saturday, March 3 o 8:30 pm o Phyllis Wattis Theater
Godard's Alphaville with New Live Score by Digital Media Artist Scanner
London-based digital media artist Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) performs his
1999 soundtrack for Jean-Luc Godard's 1965 film Alphaville. Blending film
noir with science fiction, Godard's cult classic tests the possibilities of
the medium; still radical today, Alphaville transforms the events of
everyday life into something baffling and intriguing. Scanner's compelling
new soundtrack, performed live while the film unfolds, echoes Godard's
dystopian and cold vision of the future.

$20 general; $15 SFMOMA members, students with ID and seniors

Saturday, April 14 o 11 a.m.-5:30 p.m. o Phyllis Wattis Theater (symposium)
Sunday, April 15 o 2 p.m. o Phyllis Wattis Theater (screening)
Film Making in Digital Times
Featuring "show-and-tell" presentations by leading professionals and artists
working in digital video, including Res Fest, onedotzero and Miranda July,
this symposium focuses on the recent shift from film to digital cameras and
the resulting revolution in editing and special effects. At the Saturday
symposium, participants address how digital film promotes the wider
distribution of less commercial films while posing challenges to the future
of cinema. During the Sunday program, related works of film and video are
screened without discussion.

Symposium: $12 general; $6 SFMOMA members, students with ID and seniors.
Sunday screening is free with Museum admission.

Participants and screening schedule will be announced as the exhibition
continues. See Web site for details.

Art Sandwiched In
Tuesday, March 13 o Noon o The Schwab Room
010101: Art in Technological Times
This lunchtime  panel¾featuring artists Rebeca Bollinger and Jeremy Blake
with Benjamin Weil, SFMOMA curator of media arts, and moderated by SFMOMA
Director David A. Ross¾explores how contemporary artists create and present
their work in a world increasingly altered by the presence of digital media
and technology. Sponsored by the Modern Art Council.

$50 general; $45 SFMOMA members (fee includes lunch). Seating is limited;
reserve by calling 415/357-4127.

Tickets for events at SFMOMA may be purchased (without a surcharge) with
cash at the lobby level admissions desk in advance and on the event date
(subject to availability). Tickets may also be purchased at,
and through 415/478-2277 or 510/762-2277 (a surcharge will be
applied). Event ticket purchase includes Museum admission. For more
information, call the Office of Public Programs at 415/947-1292.

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