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[Nettime-bold] net-art00 >>> RESULTS >>> 01

Thanks to all of you who visited  and took part
in 'net-art00' during 2000 ...

as a result of which we now have an interesting perspective on how you
all reacted and experienced the listed web specific art projects of
net-art00 at ...

even if these results don't match your own preferences we hope you enjoy
checking out how others reacted to the nominated projects.

Please note this year the voting record of top listed sites have been
carefully checked for any clusters of voting that would represent
attempt to manipulate general voting pattern. We are very happy to
announce that no anomalies were found.

One problem is that due to a late mailing that we did to previous
contributors and visitors, there were a lot of late nominations of sites
and obviously these sites did not get a chance to be visited and
therefore receive votes compared to earlier entries. As a result we
propose to enter the entries received after October 31st 2000 to
'net-art01' (see the results page for details).

We hope to launch 'net-art01' from the two week Barcelona street
festival, Festival Gracia, in August '01, with projected displays of
work from top practitioners and special web art creation projects with
local people in Gracia area. We feel this possible link with the
Festival Gracia tradition of democratic street level celebration of
culture and entertainment is excellent match for spirit we hope for at Also the possibility exists that the creator(s) of the most
popular site of '01 will get to visit Barcelona for Festival Gracia the
following year. 

For 'net-art01' we will thoroughly review format of our net-art 'arena',
for instance whether we can find another method to display sites than
inside of net-art frames? Whether those sites/projects nominated that
fail to get any appreciation over a given period should be moved to a
secondary list? Whether we can extend ability to add comments to site
listings to visitors? Whether we can improve timing of publicity and
mailings? Whether entry page to 'net-art01' must be simpler than
'net-art00'. Any comments or suggestions are very welcome.


Andy Forbes

any correspondence please mail

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