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#enslog: ti amerika @mezaway
*** End of /NAMES list.
*** mezaway is now known as mez
       mez: hiho all
-*clipper*- DCC Chat (
*** DCC CHAT request from clipper
       mez: back with
       mez: ;)
   amerika: sue?
        ti: just started logging, missed the red ;-(
   amerika: what's for brekkie?
        ti: yes i think sue is coming
       mez: juzt toast
       mez: and tea
   amerika: great
        ti: shes not here yet
       mez: all i had thyme 4
       mez: ;)

The Undercover Girl wrote:
> Hello Ms Post Modemism!

saluting Chief TUG Ingwill :)
<insert subversive TUG handshake here> 

*** Mode change "+o amerika" on #enslog by mez
*** Mode change "+o ti" on #enslog by mez

> Is Ms Post Modemism your codename?????


> And thank you for your respond.


> (How did you find us??????)

Through a mailing list - nettime to be more specific.

> 1. What is agent Ms Post Modemism's history?

Ms Post Modemism has no history  
Ms Post Modemism has a herstory
the story is long it reaches far back into bloodbloated pasts and snags it
way into a viscous future and mixes space and tense and narrative (jigsawing)
it has aborted storylines, jilted meanings and a touch of static
Ms P M has gestated inside others like
Passe Parvenu
Ms Corruption
and now emmerges from her voidwhitescreen to mix and match cut and paste
puke and rant inside the muthamatrix 
neva forgetting the flesh (all the while)

*** Mode change "-o mez" on #enslog by mez
   amerika: I have a text performance that I'd like to experiment with
        ti: terrific!
   amerika: chat-storytelling
   amerika: should we wait?
        ti: i need drugs
            mez gets curious
   clipper: so do i!
       mez: curious.err & curious.her
       mez: :)
        ti: shall we just start then mark?
        ti: jump in and on!
       mez: ti>.wot kind?
   amerika: me/ sparks a dobbie & passes it to ti
   clipper: macchiato and speed
        ti: thanks love,
       mez: ;)
            ti sighs and tugs
   amerika: why not just bogart it for awhile while I perform
   amerika: btw, I'm lissening to the Zonar CD -- for effect
        ti: oh good, i can just watch for a while then?
   amerika: I'd like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the
enslog chat I'm about to stream called 'The Writer As
Pseudo-Autobiographical Work-In-Progress' this chat space I am
occasonally employing the practice of surf-sample-manipulate, that is, I am
cutting and pasting previously recorded text into the multi-user chat
environment as if it were me "speaking" in the present...
            mez is urally m-bib-ing Biftek
   amerika: is this me in the present?
   amerika: or pre-recorded?
        ti: no its you

> 2. What does Ms Post Modemism mean?

Ms  = don't label me i label myself with schizoid alacrity
Post = wot comes after the flickering? The sweat on keyboardian lives? 
Modemism = *flash flash* red light go, green light....millenium musings echo
thru a digital aftershocking..i will be here to capture u...

> 3. What is agent Ms Post Modemism role?
Emmerging from my voidwhitescreen i mix and match cut and paste puke and
rant inside the muthamatrix...
fleshlonging drives all

> 4. What methods will agents Ms Post Modemism use when he/she covers "New
> Stimuli"?

<TITLE><I>*and the goddess bowed down three times and let her fingers meld into
the small plastic...*</I></TITLE>
text and image
image text
currencies of meaning won't stop me *types she*

   amerika: I am doing this from home, which for me is here in Boulder
Colorado, where I am doing what many writers before have done, that is, I
am sitting a desk with a writing tool composing my writing-life right
before our very eyes...
       mez: shood we shuddup?
       mez: or interACT?
            clipper reiterates mez question
   amerika: mez, let me tell my story!
   amerika: is it me or is it prerecorded?

> 5. Does agent Ms Post Modemism have a plan or a specific angle on
> his/her
> undercover work?

To break the links that bind meaning (associations blackboxing)
and employ reconstructive image surgery (text wanderings)

> 6. Is there specific area agent Ms Post Modemism wants to cover?


amerika: proliferate, yes...and fragment too
--> sue  dope does the same to me, cant do it either!
   amerika: the novel is for paper -- but there will be conceptual art
works in new media that parallel it...
       mez: concept.U.all artworks? like.....?
   amerika: Yes, Sue, the opening chapter was just published by Penguin UK
in an anthology called New York Stories...ed. Nicholas Royle
       Sue: I do think there are problems for writers who work in new media
due to the tempattion to reowrk in different formats

> 7. Will there be several reports from agent Ms Post Modemism - are we
> dealing with an active agent?

actively engaging
reporting as we cyberspeak (unspecified drug object projects itself into the
real in quasibook formings - Aspiring to peguinsuitedhood lurks in its
fiction allocated zone)..the best is yet to come
see report one
and instalment one of report two

> 8. Does agent Ms Post Modemism have some thoughts about how he/she
> wishes the reports to be presented?

incorporations into a cybergellish mold...
I send the reports and will await yr presentation of them

> 9. Does the agent Ms Post Modemism material covered and shown on TUGweb
> need an introduction that says something about the agent's character,
> milieu/surroundings, methods and which tools he/she will use?

this interrogative questioning list and answers should be present *introded
and electroded into the context report body*...

> Above we have asked you some questions about taking an agent character,
> wish is important in this project (TUG) to cover hidden connections. TUG
> think this is an important detail TUG agents must deal with.
> TUG want a good story. We want to get to know our agents, to gain
> insights into their lives, what kind of specialities they have and what
> their plans for the future are.

>Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 15:10:57
>From: mez <>
>Subject: Re: N-se[ed].[a]mble
>Floating thru the stat--ix--et.her, Bill typed:
>>Can there be such a thing as lurking aloud?
>t.[here]e can b, and ther[r]e is. I'm a meme.burr of the "Lurk.hinge
al[loud]wed" Club. ;] [insert ran/queen/dom associative links to teri's 's
paces']. n.ICE. 
>Not 1 to dwell in the rea[L]ms of applied anal.y?.sis, i cre[che]ate
mi own. Inter[n.ALL]est[imate]ing that this pro.ject[ile] shood arise
[insert synchronicmanicbytes here] as i m-bark on my e-mail-tic fix.tion
n-deavor -
>re: u[oo]zing sig file-ing as rhizomezatic fix.ti.on/off lures.
>M inter[active]est[imable]ed in c-ing how SE[e]D/.u[n]ctio/NODESz e-rupts.
       mez: i've n-corporated fictionalized seg-ments in2 sig files
       Sue: do you think the web offers new opportunities...
       Sue: for writers to experin=ence fiction for real?
       mez: makes for confused email pardners;)
   amerika: yes, definitely
   amerika: without it I never meet any of you & that would be a much less
interesting life!
      tink: i agree...
        ti: im wondering how some conceptual artists see this environment,
clipper, got any ideas on this one?
       mez: art m-ulating write m-ulating life m-ulating .....?
   clipper: im thinking of 70s events and happenings
        ti: yes, the connectivity is very important

I have resent report one (unspecified drug object)
report two is here - more fictionalized fiction:

amerika: ah, but that's how you measure value.  and once this value is
consistently measured, so too will money follow -- it's earlyin the game,
       Sue: clipper - no sorry i am not being clear---
       mez: ti>>i agree, seems the very unit of measurement in multimedia -
the teXt, lettas, etc - is a constraint and freedom valve all at 1ce

mez: but still Amerika, u did start out the session with a passive
voice, letting us ab-sorb a story, rather than start with an inter Active

Sue: smile tink
       mez: Scifiborgian Salmon Sliver
       Sue: where are the damn verbs in this place?
            ti laughs with tink
   amerika: well, ti, let's work on it!
       Sue: i think we have enough to contend with
      tink: Grenwich Mean time is Mean.
       Sue: language differences are vast even between those 3
        ti: sue type "/me laughs" without the quotations
   clipper: maybe the verbs are what the flesh retains???
            Sue laughs
       Sue: "ah! thanks!
            amerika verbs
       mez: Flesh Verb.atim

       mez: luv obsidian
       mez: kn[owledge]ife
       mez: kn[owledge][l]ife
       Sue: mez i juts dont know how you do that
       mez: do wot?
       Sue: will you leave your brain to science?
       mez: eheheh
       mez: prolly:)
   clipper: youve got some great obsessions ti
       Sue: insert words in words
   amerika: tits{mez}mermaid}izing
       mez: :)
            Sue smiles

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