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>Date: Wed, 13 May 1998 11:12:27
>From: mez <>
>Subject: Re: [7-11] The Muthas of Not
>>|can it (hak-h-im) be[a*u*tific]y|
>>|p.s. houldini?|
>>|she would be-better?|
>>|moulde[ye old]|
>>|Transformic UberGrrrl?[shy]|
>>|wood thighs|
>>|caul me if|
>>|u porn/fawn canal*l*s|
>>|i'lI b good!|
>>|?sit in b[ack!!]|
>>|enough! n create!|
>>|e?can I cgi?|
>>|ossify n ape the censor?|
>>|s[h] it goode[ye olde]|
>>|?will this hurt yas?|
>>|n this *hehehe*|
>>|l.P?can I cu seeme?|
>>|mak[jos]e[ph] beuys?|
>>|in dirt?|
>>|want so mz po?mo?|
>>|tit ok?|
>>|tit polit[e]?|
>>|e?can i p[H]one*neme* home?|
>>|rave s[h] it-?|
>>|and I R>I>P?|
>>|is it sanitised?|
>>|eh?does it prick?doc[umenting]|
>>|es tu de sea[men]|
>>|spear it does [yoda ab-e-wann]|
>>|x.claim:my ear!!|
>>|repli:too bad!!|
>>|sh-it-e tools t[oo] rite?|
>>|mask lots of questing|
>>|I write|
>>|?do u?|

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