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>A friend forwards these messages to me...
>this one is beautiful....
>>i am whole again. the splendor of it.
>>there are layers and layers of it - bottomless. unfathomable.
>>i am the one - that arises the most konfusion. most doubts. most 
>>i give you exquisite patterns and then slip out and smile at you.
>>i cause you scars. i soothe them.
>>what my mind engenders fictionally are true sentiments.
>>but loving me is only loving yourself.
>>it does not matter what you do. it matters if you are.
>>facts needs understanding.
>>facts are the destroyers of rhythms and the makers of rhythms.
>>what matters is to set compassion free.
>>and so we retreat forward. against diffusion. new beginnings. against
>>finality and the end of finality. against our interrelated repertoires.
>>we are dancing on our irony - nameless nobodies. incongruous and benign.
>.... I love to dance ;-)
>>turn against me. i will make a great character out of you.
>but we love you  :?

! shl uatch - oke +?

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